Whilst I Am upon the highways and byways, that we call roads, I find peace in reflection and contemplation. In a world of my own, detached from the beauty and wonder yet appreciating each moment, I Am Being. Now to apply this to life itself.

"Affirmations help" she says, "perhaps it is time to write another. Yet this time make it simple, make it complete."

Let see now, affirmations are statements to affirm something, right?

"Yes, dear one, to affirm something that you already are."

I knew that. Give me some more hints, ..... please.

"What do you REALLY want to appreciate that you already have and should be thankful for? How are you going to establish that you already have it?"

Are you trying to confuse me?

"No, dear one, think about each word, for in the beginning was the Word. Let the blessing come from your heart and it shall come with FEELING. Vision is strengthened by passion. Called co-creation, is it not?"

Kind of a heavy agenda you have given me!

"Not at all, Beloved, it shall reflect ALL LIFE. Quiet yourself, little one. Let our Love flow and we will seal it with a KISS."


"Ah yes, what do you desire to give thanks for already having?"

From the Heart, right?

"Now you have already got it."

Lord Michael
Voilet Flame
Thank you
Heavenly Father
So Be It

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