Spirit communicates in infinite ways. Tis but to open our Hearts and allow, they say. Yet a catalyst is often the blessing that compels the Heart to share it's Love. I am eternally grateful for those that have allowed me to share the Love that I Am.

Often I feel my words are guided by a most beautiful facet of my Spirit.

She, yes she, will sit upon my shoulder and whisper in my ear “Seal it with a KISS, Dear One”. Or at times she will enter into the conversation and at times direct my thoughts to an “Ah Ha !”

Sometimes stern, always kind, often her humor coming to mind is this Beautiful Presence.
My Beloved Companion that is the Light of my Soul.

Throughout “Spirit Quest” I share her love that manifests through conversations.

“KISS” …… Keep it simple, Stephen.

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God's Lent Child

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