Tis a joy, this is, sharing from the Heart. Only thing missing is the mountain chalet mit big open fireplace, (imitation) bear rugs upon the floor, stars twinkling through the immense windows that normally overlook the valley and lake below. A glass of fine (or not so fine) red wine in one's hand ( or root beer schnapps, perhaps or pure sparkling water infused with the crystal white light of the All Healing Christ ), crackling fire and a family of Beautiful Souls sharing and listening to Heart felt song. Not the least bit surprised at how many of us are here tonight. A gathering of brilliant facets of Light forming one magnificent crystal diamond Heart. Wow!!!! Neat eh?

And the Angels speak … “Rest now Dear Ones, feel the warm glow of Love emanating from within this Hall of Wonder. It enfolds you, as does the arms of your Spirit. It softly caresses you, gently massaging your neck, head and face. A soft, gentle breeze whispers in your ear "je vous aime" ..... I Love you! ... "Je suis votre amour" .... I Am Your Love! .... "Notre monde est sans bornes, nous sommes à Celui." .... "Bien-aimé nous sommes. Bien-aimé je Suis."

Okay, back to work. Yet let us restrict it, again, to sharing from our soul. Nothing physical for me please. Being that there is a good looking Mexican overlooking my day. (Emanuel Labor) Tonight is for the Third Eye to record and transmit all that comes from that secret chamber within the Heart, once referred to me as the eighth chakra.

May I share how I shall accomplish this?

One facet of Divinity that fascinates me (play on words, did you get that?) is the Trinity and although one can relate it to many concepts, the one I shall choose in this moment of the Eternal Now is Spirit, Soul and Mind.

I shall focus upon The Third Eye because, for me it is the point of mind where there is no mind. I shall FEEL every atom and cell of my being relaxing, gently vibrating to a heavenly chant from a chorus of Angels. I shall FEEL the Presence of my Spirit as it resonates slightly above and before my head. I shall FEEL the Presence of my most Beautiful Soul as the threefold flame of Power (blue), Love (rose-pink) and Wisdom(golden yellow) radiating from that secret chamber within my heart. And I shall Be the Silent Watcher. When thoughts flit through the vast emptiness of mind, I shall allow there journey yet give them no focus, no energy. No reaction, no action ..... just the Watcher. And I shall ALLOW. Allow Spirit to impress upon the void before me that which it desires to impart.

"Of course, you could just sit back and listen to me" ... she says.

I know, Dear One, but didn't that sound neater. I KNOW that you are closer to our Source than I and I know how often that little bugger, er ... ego, I mean, tries to get in my way. When I do a formal meditation it is in homage to you, it is to honour you. It is a way for me to express my Love for you, for US!

"Okay, okay, flattery will get you somewhere, Carry on, tonight I shall just listen"
Excellent, thank you. (yeh, likely story)
"I heard that!"

Mean while, back at the ranch. Hmm, been there.

I mention the above meditation because of question … "Now then, to you Stephen, I ask, HAVE you experienced true SELF LOVE?" When deep in meditation, Spirit occasionally does some nifty stuff. Sometimes I am taken on magical adventures. Such as the one I wrote about in "Fantastic Fantasy". A vibrant living experience, it was. Mind you most, if not all, of my writing is about a personal journey.

Thrice I have experienced a Love that I can only described as phenomenal, breathtaking, extra dimensional. Once was when, in meditation, I was taken on a journey out into the Universe. Beautiful it was, Stars and galaxies everywhere. I was so impressed with the vastness, this infinite Body of Being. While reflecting upon this, I was slowly overcome with the feeling that the Universe was watching me and of more importance it was filled with boundless Love. AND this Love was being focused upon me. ME!!! Wow! I stood there, sat there ... I don't know because where my body was or what form of body I had is still a mystery. I was completely overcome with Love. I felt that I was One with the Universe, that I was this Universe. That I was loving myself. I stayed in this euphoria for some time. In fact I think I could have stayed there forever yet I knew that one day I would return to that state. There were tasks to first perform. Gently I returned to the physical and yes I slept very well that night.

I desire to pose a question too. One which I already know the answer to (for me).

Can a Heart be Truly Filled with Love unless it has been broken?
Laid rent and bare before the Soul.

On second thought, I hear that beautiful Lady calling me. Me thinks she is trying to bribe me. To retire for the night with the expectation of another wonderful adventure.

"What you hear is wishful thinking, Dear Stephen, Beloved of Our Heart. Although you shall rest in my arms this night and you shall Know you are Loved."

Oh well, that is an adventure. Mighty good lookin, she is.

"Say good night, Stephen. You can continue this tomorrow."

I believe in the Power of Magic, I Believe in the Power of Love.
One and the same, right?

Remembering occasionally that I am a powerful sort of guy that speaks from his Heart reminds me of a sign I once read over a urinal in a men's washroom.
Something like this, me thinks ....

We take great pride in keeping these facilities clean, for our aim is to please .......
You aim too please!!!

"Journey inward, Stephen" she says ..... was that my beautiful angel?

I too have accepted that "Stephen" is an illusion or perhaps I shall say "temporary". Really all external manifestation can be related to as an illusion. All that Spirit manifests .... to satisfy whatever experience desired is indeed temporary. Makes it easier to Allow and Accept, right? Yet when we are Heart Centered I feel it is appropriate to honour that temporary facet of our Being. This is one way I might strive to accomplish this:

I Am your Stephen.
I Am the conscious, physical manifestation of Thy Light and Thy Love.
Through our Beloved Soul, the Christ within,
You bless our world and all therein.
Make me, this day, more of thy manifestation.
Make me an instrument of thy Light, an instrument of thy Love.
Make me an instrument of thy Peace.
Impel action, direct events, attract to me
That which I need and those whom I seek to help.
Let this be so, in the name of our Holy Christ Self.
Through the Power and the Light of thy Eternal Love,
So Be It.

One Heart touching another's is witness to the Power of Love.
One Soul touching another's is witness to the Power of Light.
Touching One's Heart, One's Soul is Magic made manifest.
Understanding that it is Spirit's Will being mirrored back to you
is ecstasy, the supreme enchantment.

Being that mirror is one of my greatest joys and greatest rewards.
That is if you see in the mirror of my words the Perfect,
Majestic Being that I see in you.

Truly then the Goddess in me is honouring the Goddess in you.

I Am sitting here this evening, in front of the putter, listening to angels sing (Andrea Bocelli and friends). I marvel at the Love that is now flowing from this ol heart of mine.

Melancholy it is, that I Feel. Memories of love lost, abandonment and betrayal, a lifetime of preparation. But for what? The music is so Beautiful! .... So Am I, you know.

Adventures ending, adventures beginning! A world of experience it is, it is. The Love that I Feel is phenomenal! Absolutely Beautiful!

I desire to share, to be AT One with you All. To hold each of you in my arms, to caress your cheek, to whisper in your ear ... "I Love You, I Love You" .... I do, you know?

Sitting here, rocking back in forth to the music, neat! .... Ahhh, here it is .... my favourite song "Time to Say Goodbye" For me there is no more moving song in all the Universe ..... again, but why? Is it time to say goodbye?

I must honour now that memories are more a joy than before. Here I Am enjoying the Presence and yet all alone. It is a pleasant place to be. Why??

For me the anguish and heartache have always been mitigated by a Love, although sometimes subtle, always present. A unique Love. I Am intimidated by the future, you know? Is it time to say goodbye?

Memories, you know. Once I was directed to a "medium", and although it was not the focus of intent, (I was concerned about a journey to the interior of B. C. to aid a friend), the message I was to receive would not be understood until much later. Quite recently, actually. Her words ... "there is a long and arduous journey before you and yet it can be one of joy, trust me little one"

"Trust me Little One" .... memories!

The Rose has always been significant for me. Representing the "Heart of Love" it does and interestingly, for me, most often associated with the Lady Master Nada. And as for it being associated with the left and the feminine energy ... definitely.

"Remember, Dear One," she says "It is the Feminine aspect of Being
that shall heal the World"

Something that I Know from within the very fibre of my Being! Brings to mind the repression and abuse suffered by the women under the Telibon regime in Afghanistan. Our World Is Changing, what glorious times we are in.

As each of us is challenged by our Heart of Love, may we realize that our little worlds are the mirror of that which our Beloved Spirit desires Us to Master. That We May Become more Aware of the Master we Are.
May our choices be guided by the Light of Eternal Love.

When I have felt blessed to be able to be the vehicle of Spirit in manifesting the Balance and Harmony that might enable another to dissolve discord, dis-ease, it has always been the feeling of being the vehicle. Perhaps a better choice of word might be "facilitator"? I have realized for some time (forever?), it is the Soul that is the true vehicle of Spirit. I am but the physical manifestation of the Beloved Spirit That I Am and it is through the Christ Within that Spirit blesses my world. Whether it be through Word or Deed, because I often feel my words coming from the Heart of Love. And when the Light of Eternal Love flows from these words or perhaps my hands I am always in awe. Now these thoughts do reflect duality and I appreciate that more when Spirit says "Physician Heal Thyself". I must also confess that I have heard and felt these words often.

Perhaps this is why I have felt uncomfortable with accepting the term "Healer" for little ol me. Yet I too must honour that the most difficult task of healing is of One's Self. Often we externalize with ease where going within and seeing the Light of the Soul is fought so strenuously by the little ego. Perhaps I shall blame this on being a double Leo? But then to blame or to judge is not Who I Am, right?

I have found that my personal healing has advanced much quicker when accepting the experience of Duality yet honouring the facets of the "Trinity". Such as body, mind and soul or perhaps more correctly Mind, Soul and Spirit. But where does that leave the body, the physical vehicle? Four marbles for Stephen? A-Hah

Bottom line, so to speak, is that in Becoming Whole, One must be realized. One body, one mind, one soul, One Spirit! We All are facets of the ONE. The One Light that IS. And That Is Love.

There are moments when I feel that I am dealing with only one, maybe two, perhaps three and on the rare occasion four marbles. Then there are times I feel that I am a few bricks short of a load. Oh well. Then there are moments that I Feel only Love. The Love of God, the Beloved Spirit That I Am. Much more fun, this is.

I Am a fellow journeyer upon this Good Red Road. I Am Who you Are, I Am All That Is .... therefore I too Am a Healer. And, so true, there are many forms of healing.

As I proceed upon this Path to the Divine, I realize more each moment that Healing (the dissolving of discord) never ends. Whether it be the healing of our physical world or directed towards the Sacred union of Spirit and Matter, there is always another veil to lift, to dissolve, revealing a greater, more Glorious Facet of the One God.

I have given much thought to what I may humbly offer. I feel it must relate to a personal experience, a feeling or thought that may be incorporated by others, if they feel it to be beneficial to the current path they are on.

Only one word comes to my mind. That is "Surrender"

Not giving up, rather letting go.

Not hands up in despair, rather hands lifted in praise to our Higher Self.

Not in losing control, rather giving control to that most Beautiful Presence in each of us, to our True Self.

Allowing unconditional acceptance to be enlightened by Unconditional Love.

"Surrendering" to Love !!

Let us all journey well. It IS a Master's year. It is a year to allow the Riches and Opulence of God's Full Presence to manifest in our lives each day.

Truly, our World, is each and every moment of the Eternal Now,
Filled and thrilled with the Light of Eternal Love.

Ahh, great minds do think alike. Yet the labels we assign, at times, require contemplation in the Light of the Soul.

I do so enjoy basking in Her Radiant Rays. That being said, is it said that labels are fodder of the fool? What fun!

I have found through my yearning to understand the "Trinity" as an aspect of All That Is, a very powerful meditative concept. Yet again one that requires a certain degree of Self Mastery. For the energy of such high vibration is not selective and serves to magnify all in one's facets of Being. Be there any baggage still to heal requires the commitment to deal with it too.

"Total Surrender to the Light of the Soul is the way", She says. So true!

Understanding the bodies, the vehicles of manifestation, I find intriguing as well. The physical of course is easy, the Love of the Soul is felt, the Body of Spirit yet a dream. Is the vehicle of Spirit 5th dimensional? Me thinks it is somewhat higher.

As the "Sepentary" contemplates the "Trinity", the "One" knows it's self yet as half of a spark of Eternal Love that yearns to reunite, thus as is through Grace of God, the Sacred Union of Spirit and Matter the goal of evolution. And the journey continues forever onward, forever upward.

Dieing to journey into the Light of Eternal Love, we are!
Yet in this life to be born again.
Never more to know death as other than change.
As in Light, with Light, Love and Truth
I Am

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