Some evolving Beings ( I say some because All is evolving and All is Being), myself included, at times (often times) feel the illusion of isolation, of separation to be overwhelming. Yet this is one reason why we are here. To experience duality, to feel individual, set apart.

"Next question, please" .......Aho Beloved Light of my Soul . Why?..... Hmmm, what was the first question? ..... "That's two. Which one do you Desire answered first?" ..... The first one, please. ..... "The chicken or the egg? Which came first?" ..... Now you are teasing me!! ...."Of course, this is fun. Life is fun, if only you Let It Be." ..... I know you are going somewhere. How about if I relinquish the floor to you, so that you might Grace our world with the Light of your Wisdom. ..... "So you think flattery shall set you free? Not a chance, Love might. Is it not said that it is in the Giving that you receive? Continue expressing yourself. Try to Express your Self, though, right?"

Okay ..... Creator decided to desire to experience Itself. To BEgin, it was felt that One must divide into Two in order for One to recognize the other. ..... How am I doing so far? ..... "No comment." ..... Whew, this is tough. ..... "But fun!"

On I go. Ever onward, ever upward, tally-ho the fox. Do you know the comparable American saying? ..... "don't dally, Stephen"

Right ..... we now have a Monadic spark of God divided into two sparks. Each spark begins a journey into the experience of duality. Hey, that must have created the Feeling of separation right from the start. No wonder I feel so alone at times, that something is missing. ...... "Good boy .... what about me? Being your feminine better half, am I the other half of your Monadic Being?" .... Well, not actually but it does illustrate that which is Truth Is the same from all viewpoints, upon all levels. "True, Stephen, but that is a question for another moment of Living in the Eternal Now."

This is fun! I could go on for hours. ..... "You do occasionally Go On, yet I presume that's Life." ..... Back to my point. The feeling of separation is part of the Grand Adventure, this experience we call Human. ...... "HU-man. God manifesting through man, go on." ..... Am I supposed to be relating this or perhaps you would like to take over? ...... "Keep on keeping on, Stephen."

Well the Journey Home, back to the Feeling of Unity, Family, is accentuated by opportunities to Let Go of the illusion of separation. I suppose that the further one is upon the Path the greater the frequency and more seeming significance of each experience. Yet when all is said and done, it is only Experience. It is an endeavour to Realize that All Is Love.

I must embrace these opportunities to experience Wholeness, to experience Unity, to Experience that All Is Love.

"Are you saying, Beloved, that you must love to suffer?" ..... Not really, I must realize that all experience is good .... by realizing it is My choice. All that I actually have is Choice. I can choose to or not to continue experiencing the illusion. I can Give, with Love, in the Light of Loving Service. I can Be Who I Am, really Am of course.

"You spoke of Receiving before, what did you mean?" ..... Receiving the Knowledge that I already have everything, I suppose. Then the object BEING to experience that knowledge. Thus becoming Wise in the Kingdom of God.

"Good little Gnome, you are , Stephan." ......... Hey, who have you been talking? . Gnome? . Stephan?

"Just listening, Beloved of my Heart, just listening."

Okay I suppose that just listening is alright too.




Personally, perhaps my greatest challenge has been and ... is ... to love all my world with the same passion as that which I "feel" for and have experienced with the Compliment of my Soul. To allow and honour her journey as important and as beautiful as mine. To accept that although my vision is not clear, the "Winds of Heaven" shall always dance between us and that it is the Will of Heaven that leads us to the sacred union of our Souls.

As it is the Will of Heaven that Humanity's expanding awareness of the illusion of duality can only lead to the Sacred Union of Spirit and Matter.

The little ego, not related to your little brother I am sure, can be a fierce resistance fighter. After all he thinks that he is fighting for his life, I suppose. And it does seem that the harder we try the tougher it gets. Surrendering to Love, Embracing our innermost fears, to me, is acceptance conditioned with Love. There we go "Unconditional Acceptance" the little brother of "Unconditional Love"!

Understanding that we carry the baggage of lifetimes and have probably experienced most forms of so called "good and evil" may help. Knowing that I have been the good guy and the bad guy (yet always the good lookin guy with the beard ... ?) may help. Knowing that the ego was necessary to experience and survive, may help. Knowing that I may incorporate the ego as part as my Loving Self and encouraging him to participate in a constructive way, may help. KNOWING that Love Is All There Is, that the great illusion being separation and the judgement of good and evil, is perhaps the last hurdle, may help.

Long ago, it seems, in a land far, far away, a Master was asked ... What comes or is to strive for after the realization and integration of I AM THAT I AM? .......(moment of silence, permeated with twinkling eyes and gentle smile) The Master then said ...."little one, knowledge experienced becomes Wisdom. Experience shared leads to service. Service to the Divine leads one to the understanding of I AM WHO I AM. Who are you, little one... not what, WHO?" .......... I suppose that I am a compilation of lifetimes of experience. ......more silence, she is looking at my soul .......

"Wisdom shared, is the fulfillment of a Divine Principle. Are you wise enough, fearless enough to share Who you are, the totality of your Being?" ....... I desire to serve, to share and I desire to understand who I am. .......... "Reflect upon Who you are. Reflect upon the Divine Principle that is your task to share. Be that Principle." ....... How am I to know ..... How ..... "Be silent, look into your Heart and Allow Spirit to guide you. Know that the quest is also your Spirit's Quest. Share what you Feel is this Divine Principle and then, little one, just BE WHO YOU ALREADY ARE."

What can we do when a loved one is being tested, being cleansed by spirit? Especially during times such as we are entering into currently, when it seems that every emotion, every thought, every event is being magnified a thousand fold. What can we do? It is their journey, we can not walk in their shoes. And I don't believe we should attempt to take on their anguish and pain, to suffer for them. As at times we would gladly do.

During my training to become a Hospice volunteer, "empathy" was stressed. The quality or process of entering fully into another's feelings or motives, yet being detached. Compassion, loving support, yet allowing them their journey. Perhaps the greatest service we may possibly offer is to realize the perfection that they are. The bond of Eternal Love is seeing the unity and Divine purpose in all things.

So true it is that relationship is an expression of our "association", "connection" and "drawing together" of ALL That IS.

It is by honoring our vulnerability, yet allowing the Love that abides within to manifest, that leads to Freedom. Eternal Love is Unconditional Acceptance.

Life is Relationship, duality is Relationship, the Trinity is a Relationship, the fourth marble is a Relationship, eternity, infinity is a Relationship....... All Is Relationship.

Upon our Journey to the Divine we, at times, (or perhaps all the time) seem to be running a gauntlet. And this gauntlet can present to us (seemingly) insurmountable forces of opposition. From the friend that tries to drain our energy to the companion that may be holding us back. And, of course the New Energies, we are experiencing, enhance both the good and not so good a thousand fold. In fact ten thousand fold.

That beautiful Angel now sitting on my shoulder whispers "A vulnerable Heart is an open Heart, willing to experience that which shall lead it home .. firstly to the Sacred Union with Self ... then to the Sacred Union with one's Soul Compliment .... then to the Sacred Union of Spirit and Matter. Dear One, how can a Heart truly be filled with Eternal Love until it has been broken?"

Solace for me, it is I know. Yet each Soul's experience is that which is necessary to Allow the full glory one's Spirit to manifest. Now I must admit that (at times?) I have been pigheaded, stubborn, stupid and a sucker for punishment but here I Am today and if I live in the Moment, in the Eternal Now, there is only Balance, Harmony and Joy. Not an easy task for a ......., right? Right! Yet it can be done, if only for a few moments at a time. And that Allows the transmutation of all that is less than my Christ Perfection and (BIG AND) one day I know that my world will reflect only the Love, the Balance, the Harmony and the Joy of the Beloved Spirit That I Am.

I desire to share my journey that it might offer some solace or perhaps inspiration for others to Let Go, ALLOW the Love of Spirit to take control and manifest only that which is in our and others Highest Good.

I Am thy pure creation Lord. I stand upon thy holy Word. See me through unto the end. Until one with thee I am once again.

This day, I will realize that it is perfect in every way. I will look to the sky, that veils the great universe beyond and will know, That I Am one with the Creator of All That Is.

I will realize this day to be a special day, a window to a new beginning. I will realize that every day is a special day, in the Light of the Living Christ.

I Will realize that the Lord of Creation sees me as a beautiful child of the universe, a perfect gem of divine radiance.

I will act upon the energy of this new beginning, this window, this blessing our little world is to receive. If a facet of myself, that I feel is less than my Christ Perfection, should surface I will bless it and let it go. If I see a facet of myself that reflects who I really Am, I will honour it. When I meet a brother, I will open my heart letting the Love that I Am flow. When I look at a flower, a bird or a tree, I will see the perfection of our Beloved Earth Mother and give thanks.

My prayer for this day is that we all might act upon the beauty of opportunity, rather than react from a sense of doubt.

For it is a perfect day.

As our Earth Mother's heartbeat begins to quicken, this glorious day, brother flicker is dancing with joy!

"Freedom is a state of love. It is being attached to the cause of that love, yet being detached from the result or the effect of that love."

Tis indeed a fine day "to camp under the stars and look for dolphins near the shore"

Here on the north 40 the day is coming to a close and it is time for me to reflect.

I awoke this morning in a state of anxious anticipation, not knowing what to expect. Feeling quite alive, in a joyous mood I set out upon my journey. There was a sense of excitement in the air and I thought at the least, it will be a high energy day.

I am feeling much more somber now as I look back. It was a good day yet different in a unique sort of way. A celestial event, wow, yet I had no desire to hear what was happening in our little world. No TV, no radio, no music. Some time spent at the computer, drove my little sister to work, drove my mother out to my older sister's farm to spend a few days picking berries and rhubarb. A pleasant drive in the country, everything quiet and serene. The route I choose took us over a ferry on the South Saskatchewan River. Even the water was calm, just gently flowing by. Yet all the time there was this excitement in the air or was it in me?

There was a hubbub in my mind, constant activity, a thousand thoughts. I related it to the term scatterbrain and jokingly attributed all to bubbles from the warm fuzzies traveling up my spine to my crown chakra. There were moments of anguish, doubt and fear but practicing what I preach, I blessed them and let them go. And always that sense of excitement. Loving thoughts, memories of beautiful times and places, sometimes to crash and bless. Other times to feel mellow and grateful for my journey. My writing, new friends and what is this!! A sense of purpose. Life is good!

At times I felt like I was walking beside myself, from the outside looking in. There was a place in me that too was quiet and serene. I feel that may be where I am now. A comfortable place, a place of peace, a gentle knowing flowing from my heart, that God blessed us all this day. This high energy sort of day.

I occasionally use a special greeting that just came to me one day. I hold my hands as if to pray, with a slight bow I raise them to my lips for a kiss, then touch my forehead, down to my heart and then open my arms, palms facing forward. Of course a little saying came with this greeting. So now dear friends I salute you as I say.


Another perfect day!

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