Often I feel my words are guided by a most beautiful facet of my Spirit. She, yes she, will sit upon my shoulder and whisper in my ear "Seal it with a KISS, Dear One". Or at times she will enter into the conversation and at times direct my thoughts to an "Ah Ha !"

Sometimes stern, always kind, often her humor coming to mind is this Beautiful Presence. My Beloved Companion that is the Light of my Soul.

Throughout "Spirit Quest" I share her love that manifests through conversations.

"KISS" Keep it simple, Stephen.

A typical day on the north 40.

Traveled, with the family, to a little town called Anneheim. Not quite like the one in California (one too many n's I think). About an hour and a half drive through rolling amber fields and green tree lines starting to radiate their golden hue. Typical rural fall Saskatchewan. About 200 people, one small industrial complex (couldn't figure out what they made) and no open service station. What was open was an old three-story house that had been restored and turned into The House of Treasures and Keepsakes. Actually it was the reason for our journey there. After a fine German lunch and a tour of three floors of the most wonderful hand crafted art and home made everything we headed back to my big sister's farm with a trunk load of miscellaneous everything. How these ladies love to collect!

On the way back there was cause to recite Lord Michael's prayer.

Lord Michael before me
Lord Michael behind
Lord Michael to the right, Lord Michael to the left
Lord Michael above, Lord Michael below
Lord Michael, Lord Michael where ever I go
I Am his love protecting here, I Am his love protecting here

And even though we ran out of gas, I Am sure he was there. No sooner than, after the long rolling stop, trying to take advantage of a little hill, I had stepped out of the car and stuck out my thumb, did a nice young man, named Barclay, in a high powered truck stop to pick me up. He conveyed me to an open service station about five miles down the road. There after a twenty minute search for a container I started the return journey, gallon of gas and spout in hand. Two miles and about a dozen passing cars later I received a ride from a young farmer accompanied by his beautiful four year old daughter. Fingernails painted gold and blue and red, returning from a party I am sure. Deposited at the car, the ladies breathing much easier now, I proceeded to spill half the gas on the ground, lousy spout, jumped in all agrin, turned the key and off again we went. What a glorious adventure. Although I must admit I have had more that a few hairier ones, when I really needed Beloved Michael, but that is for another time.

Michael and Lucifer, essential to the journey we call life. Which has made the greater sacrifice? To be loved and cherished or to be despised and challenged. To have to wait until the end of time (from our perspective) for us to realize that all is of the One. For us to realize that we are Hu-man beings, God manifesting through being. Two beautiful brothers, two beautiful facets of the One Light. This was actually a question asked of me many moons ago by a very wise and beautiful person. Reference was also made to the Three Princes. The Prince of Peace, the Prince of Love and the Prince of Light. For me it was a significant awakening to the concept that All is of the Absolute and that I Am a compilation of All That Is.

Although I have had numerous so-called "dark ones" enter into my life, there were but reflections of a facet of my being. Come to allow the Light that I Am shine through. It has always been my choice whether to embrace the Light or the shadow and as I grow, at times my shadow self seems also to grow. Eventually the Light will encompass the shadows and truly glorify the God That I Am.

A Blessing

I have a special offering shell. In that shell I shall honour the One God that is All (Great Spirit) by burning sweetgrass, sage and tobacco. I will honour the four directions and what they represent. I will then cleanse myself with the smoke. Next I shall burn a piece of paper with the names of those for whom the blessing is directed. As this is burning I shall sing:

I Am the Light and the Love of the Living Christ
Flowing ever free
I Am the blessing of Life Eternal
Balance and Harmony
Beloved Spirit That I Am make us One
May thy will be done.

The smoke shall carry my intent to Our Heavenly Father, to the Ascended Masters and Angelic Host. The Winds of Heaven shall surround our brothers and sisters with the Light of the Living Christ and our Beloved Earth Mother will radiate from below, embracing each with her Love. It truly will be "As it is above, so it is below".

As Grandfather Sun awoke this morning, here on the north 40, he yawned and stretched his arms through the river mist. A radiant golden hue that slowly blessed each drop of moisture with his love. Warmed and quivering they danced aside to let his full majesty bless our world. Will be a day of Peace and Opulence.

May our intent always be from the Heart and our efforts be enriched with Love.

In the east over a blue horizon the Master Artist placed a pillowy halo of white clouds with streaks of pink and violet radiating outwards to greet Grandfather Sun as He greeted us. Above a gentle rain cleansed the air, that we might breathe in a bright new day. To the west Thunder Beings applauded Lord Michael's Sword of Blue Lightning, as He brandished His blessing across an ominous sky. You could feel the excitement in the air and the wonder of His presence as he announced to All, via a rainbow above, there awaits a pot of Golden Light in each of our Hearts this day.

Reflecting the magnificence of Grandfather's Power and Wisdom this arch of pure Love crowned our beautiful Earth Mother. As I looked up in awe, Grandfather Wind whispered in my ear "see the colors of my Love, feel the magic of my aura, Know That I Am". The Master Artist sealed this perfect picture with another raindrop's kiss. She is so beautiful!

Safe in the arms of Her Love

I Am

When it seems that times are tough and the world is dark, know that you are a beacon of Light. When your heart aches to the depth of your Soul, know that you have touched the source of your Love and let it flow. At times like these the greater Power, that sings within your Heart, gives birth to a bright new day. A gentle touch, a loving smile, a tear from a twinkling eye are all heart felt song.

Know that at times like this your Presence makes Life Worthwhile.

You are Loved, you are Love!

When I was a Hospice volunteer, I became fascinated with Comma work and took various workshops that I felt would enable me to be of greater service in this area. I believe, as a result of this, Spirit (and the volunteer coordinator) directed me to a particular client.

This gentleman, in his eighties, was at an extended care facility and did not receive any visitors. He was very frail and I could see that, although he was in a comma, he was working through a lifetime of woes and cares. His breathing and actions reflected loneliness and anguish. What could I do?

I visited this gentleman four times over the next three weeks. Each time I would hold and stroke his hand, occasionally rub his feet and talk to him about love and that it was alright to process his feelings and let go.

On the fourth visit, as I was about to leave, he looked at me and said "my name is Albert". I did not see Albert again. He passed on a short time later. But his few words opened up a part of my heart that also shared his anguish and pain. These four words of thanks were a gift of healing. A healing I sorely needed. An unexpected reward for caring and allowing this beautiful soul to complete his journey with a little bit of loving support.

As quoted by another Beautiful Soul "It is a wondrous truth that we receive all that we need when needed."

When we speak of the Ascended Masters and the Seven Sacred Rays.

Beloved Paul truly is the Master Artist and my understanding is that He is still the Chohan of the third ray. I have often wondered what my canvas that hangs in his blessed retreat contains. I know I have been there once or twice but conscious memory there is not. I feel I may have upgraded it once or twice yet perfection it is not. And then who Am I to say that I have not done better before. Ahh the passion of Not.

I have felt for many years that I choose to incarnate on the third ray, yet I also feel a great affinity to the Lady Master Nada (sixth ray). Who is to say? But I Am learning about the passion of the Ruby Ray.

Lord Sananda is preparing to take the office of Maha Chohan. That Beloved Being soon to transcend to the next level. Also I believe that Kuthumi (my Beloved Francis) is preparing to take the office that Sananda currently holds.

I thrive on ceremony. For me it always kindles the magical fires of Love. I would like to share one I envision.

It is a small mountain meadow surrounded by our tall standing brothers, reaching for the sky. A stream flows nearby connecting us to the waters of life that flow throughout our beautiful world. The mountains in the distance mirroring the majesty of our Beloved Earth Mother. In the center a circle of stone brothers protecting our sacred place. On the east side of this circle the stones are parted to form the entry point. In front of the gate is a mound of earth about two feet high. On top burns sweetgrass and sage. In the center of the circle is small yet very special fire, for it never goes out.

Taking my boots off I approach the mound, with Totem staff in hand and lay upon its side a gift. This day it is a pouch of tobacco. I then stand with arms outstretched and slowly turn as Spirit embraces me with the smoke that is rising from the mound. Cleansed, I prepare to enter by turning to face the east and say: Great Spirit, I honour the East, gateway to the Spirit Realm, land of the Eagle and the Owl. And I honour the Sun that shines this day and the Air that we breathe. I thank you for these blessings.

Entering the circle I turn to the left, walking until I reach the southern point. Facing the south I say: Great Spirit I honour the South, land of the Cougar and the Mouse. And I honour Fire, that fire that enables new life. I thank you for these blessings.

On to the western point where I say: Great Spirit I honour the West, land of the Bear. And I honour Water, that water which sustains our life. I thank you for these blessings.

To the northern point where I say: Great Spirit I honour the North, land of the Buffalo. And I honour our Mother Earth. I pray that all her two legged children feel her blessing in their lives this day. I honour my ancestors and the wisdom I derive from them. Thank you for these blessings. Back to the east where I say: Great Spirit I honour all my relations and give thanks for their presence in my life this day. I then continue on to where I feel is my place in the circle this day. As each beautiful soul enters the fire grows and one will take his/her place at the center by the fire. That Soul to be the focal point for the release of the shared blessing

I envision all within the circle joining hands and sending their love to the one in the center. From there to travel upwards into the universe. Our thanks to Creator for the blessing of this moment.

Then I will see the Light and the Love of the Living Christ flow from the universe into the fire and outwards to each soul. From each soul to extend onwards to blanket the entire Earth. Blessing those Beloved Ones in their thoughts and All our Relations.

Thank you Father For that Light which shines in each of us. For the Love that flows from our Hearts. We are so beautiful.

The only genes my physical being has been blessed with this lifetime are Irish and English. But I feel very close to my Native brothers. At my first sweat lodge I saw a young warrior, in full battle dress, atop a white stallion looking down at us smiling his approval. I think it was me or certainly a part of me.

On the day after my first medicine wheel ceremony I was gifted with my first Eagle feather. The fire keeper asked if any would like to return to the circle to learn more about the fire. About a dozen of us again entered with glee. At the end of the lesson he passed an Eagle feather around for each of us to voice our thoughts about the three days we had been there. While we did this he unfolded a blanket and proceeded to put on it various items. When the feather returned to him, he then gave each of us a gift accompanied with it a story of how he acquired it and what giving it to that person meant to him. When my turn came he gave me a beautiful feather of Eagle down. The story was that the down came to him as a gift attached to a very old Medicine Pipe. One that had seen many ceremonies. He said that he felt he was not the keeper of that particular pipe and passed it on to one who was. But for some reason he kept the feather. When he saw my totem stick he said he knew that was where the feather belonged, that it should journey with me.

I have been guided to numerous sweat lodges, sacred sites and ceremonies and am truly grateful for what my 1st Nations Brothers have taught me. Never before had I felt so connected to Earth Mother and All my Relations.

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