Although my understanding is somewhat limited, I have always found great similarity in the numerous books I have read and my experiences regarding Shamanism and our Totem Brothers. I have used drumming tapes in my efforts to experience the other worlds. They are quite the adventure. I agree with our Brother John Mathews. It is only through the restraints of modern society that we are not more aware of all our relations and it is truly sad that most don't realize they may take advantage of their gifts, their insight and their powers at any time.

There are slight differences amongst the various cultures I have looked at and yet the magic is always there. Ted Andrews book “Animal Speak” is one of my preferred sources for reference.

I have experienced a fair bit of the Coastal Native Tribes cultures, Northwestern States and Canada in particular. In some cases the Raven is at the top of the Totem Pole as being the warrior that brought (stole) light from the darkness and is one of the messengers of Great Spirit. The Salmon is also quite significant.

Although there are slight variations, I feel they are explained by their occurrence and impact upon the local area. The underlying magic is similar and ever present. Where you don't find an eel another Brother will symbolize and make available the same gifts, insights and powers.

Throughout all cultures and civilizations there are similar tales of great warriors and magical wizards. So really Merlin has been present in the form of other great names.

It is not the name of the messenger that matters, it is the message. To me it is a Grand illustration of the unity and Oneness of all creation. The concept of Totems and Magical Beings is part of the Loving glue that binds us all together.

I would like to investigate other experiences , especially about the lost tribes of ancient times. It seems as if more and more is being rediscovered every day and it is just the beginning of this wonder filled adventure called the Golden Age.

Are we star seeds, descendants of ancient civilizations or gods participating in a grand experiment of free will. ... An opportunity for God to experience itself like never before? I think so and it is sooo fascinating (sooo beautiful).

Mr. Pendulum was steady as a rock (pun intended). Consulted the runes and they came up three times as neutral. Meditated and was informed that when I hear the answer I will know. Scolded me, she did! Cheeky Lady.

Now perhaps I should offer a bit of explanation. Many years ago I delved into various arts and became quite proficient at some. Hypnosis being one. But I made a mistake. With good intent I tried to help my second wife work through some deep seated childhood abuse experiences. I didn't know how to protect myself properly and got slammed (for want of a better word) by some very sinister energy. It took a long time to both realize and overcome it. A necessary part of my journey, I am sure. But I have not been able to allow myself to be hypnotized or use external devices since.

Other than possibly the runes, but I use them quite differently. And I am not invalidating the use of pendulums, crystals or whatever. They can be valuable tools. For me I have a mental block that says go to the source direct or don't go at all.

I admire and respect the Benedictine Brotherhood as I do the present day Masons (including the Secret Order of the Knights Templar)

Much good has been accomplished over the years and yet some of what we did (was done) in the name of Christianity saddens me. Was it necessary? I am of the opinion that the Benedictine Order, the Knights Templar, for that matter all Churches and so called Brotherhoods are a form of government. And I shall readily admit that at one point of evolution it may be a necessity. Guideline or law is a mater of perspective, it is all the same. There is Universal Law and any suggestion of or referral to same is beneficial. Yet to little ol moi, the One Law is obedience to the True Self, the Beloved Spirit that I AM. Awareness that all is of the One Source leaves no room for anything other than Love.

One day there will not be the need for (concept of) separate organs (organizations) of BEING. The illusion of separation shall dissolve into the Light of Oneness. We shall realize that the Law Is and there will be no desire to control the populace and the presentation of the Light that leads to Awareness.

What we experience in this reality is but a reflection of a purer aspect on a higher dimension. Universal Brotherhood is the recognition that sharing of Light (knowledge) with a Loving Heart is Divine Intervention.

The necessity is sharing, for that which is not shared atrophies. The respect and honouring of a Brother (includes the term Sister) that has traveled upon the Path a little further should be automatic. As should the understanding that to advance up the ladder one has to first replace himself upon the rung to be vacated.

When my Beloved Anne shared with me that part of my souls history that was Dumas, I was taken quite aback (literally too). Along with the thought of grandeur and an inflated ego was the ever burning desire to understand the compilation known today as Stephen. Doing the appropriate research uncovered also the other side of Pere Dumas. Such as he fathered approximately two hundred children. I have come to know that I am a compilation of All That Is.

That is why today I prefer my life to be an open book. And I sometimes give hints to the index deliberately. Any who desire to turn to a particular page may do so and my vow is to be open and honest. Who I Am today is the result of not just this lifetime but all my experiences known and unknown. The more I become aware of this compilation called Stephen the better example I can be that there are no wrong choices, only choices. What I choose to be today determines the impact upon my world tomorrow. I choose Love because I have come to Know that is the All That Is. I sometimes overwhelm even myself with the Love that flows from this ol Heart under the most adverse conditions and events.

At times it is more appropriate for other Beloved Partners upon this Glorious Adventure to bring to Light parts of my Beingness. In order for me to understand that which I already know. And to give me opportunities to serve Brother Humanity by example. The ego has not yet dissolved into the Soul that I Am but it has to a great degree been tamed. The seed that is planted with Love gives opportunity for Spiritual growth.

It is still our choice to accept or reject or to shelve that which is to viewed another time. My Heart is always open as is my mind. It is not a matter of being easier, it is the necessity to share our understanding of all the beautiful aspects of Being. For there truly is beauty in the All That Is.
And Beloved, we are so beautiful!

A few years back (won't disclose how many) I caused a twinkle in moms eyes (was just before she cuffed me, if memory serves me right).
"Mother" I said "You Know I love you more than you love me"
"How would you EVER think that" she said
"Well you have loved me for fifty..... years.

Yet I have loved you all my life"


I for one believe that the earth, the sun, et all the heavenly bodies are sentient beings and as such have a unique consciousness. Just as humanity has a group consciousness of which we each constitute a part of. The idea of an energy matrix being sentient, having feelings or consciousness feels quite natural. We are just beginning to understand the term consciousness. We are a part of the whole and the whole of the part.

As the human form is a vehicle for the soul and the soul is a vehicle for spirit, each vibrating at a different or higher level, I find it fascinating to imagine the forms those beings upon Venus, the Sun or perhaps Pluto might take.

As I learn more about the individuals that grace my path, I marvel at both the diversity of experience and the unique bond that is shared.

Sitting here in front of little Bertha (just decided to name the computer), the Light of my Soul creating that wonder filled warm glow, I realize that I Am becoming more aware of Who I Am.

(Watch out guys, this looks like it might become a ramble) Why, you say as I stoke up my soother and begin to reflect. It is times such as this that She (my better half) impresses upon this conscious mind the Glory of Creation. How, you ask? By making me more aware of the connecting link that pervades all.

Such as the teenie, weenie, little fly that just landed on the screen. Not much bigger than a Gnat. It just stopped by to say hello and we love you too. Then She said, "Why don't you give the computer a name, like you did for your van." (love you Angel) "It is a part of your world, a collection of living particles created to serve you and you Know what each particle is made of." .....Yes, I do Beloved. Golly, it Loves me too. Good morning little fly, good morning little Bertha. Hmm .... I would go outside to say good morning to Angel, but it is too damn cold and Dark!

"Ah," She says "But is not the cold there to allow the warmth of your Heart to radiate it's glory? And the dark?" ........She Is One smart Goddess, She Is.

At times I have actually looked forward to impending disaster. Yet not for the opportunity to serve or be an example of how One should live. Perhaps it was because I was tired of all the sh_t and abuse in my life and wanted to bail out. Perhaps it was because I desired to be proven right, that there is reason for my suffering. Perhaps I wanted revenge. Perhaps it was because, when I walked down the street watching my brothers, thinking how unenlightened they were, that it may be the only way for Creator to cleanse Mother Earth. Perhaps it was because I wanted, so intensely, the next part of my journey to begin. Boy, I could list so many reasons! For disaster that is.

I Know, here She comes again ......... "Stephen, you are a joy! But think, little brother, do you desire because ...... or rather do you desire to BE a Cause? Tis your choice, Dear One. And the next part of your journey began a long time ago." .....Damn She Is good!

It would be so much easier to submit to the fear rather than to embrace the Light and Be an example of a Loving God.

"NOW you are getting closer, Beloved Child of Humanity. Do you really Believe that a such a small amount of Light can dispel so much darkness?" .....There She goes again referring to my stature!

"Give me a break, Stephen! Do you have to always try to find the negative in a Loving Thought? Wouldn't you rather Feel the Presence of warm fuzzie bubbles, My Presence? Wouldn't you rather Be a Cause and Share Our Light?"

NOW, I Am wondering Where does She get all this stuff? Why am I here?
Why Me?

Chuckling She Is ....... "To Know that you Know, to Be Who you Are, to take your true place as one of my shinning Stars."

I Knew That!

“Now, Little One, can you hear Spirit saying .... I Am more than just Christmas, I Am the Christ in mass"

Now I Am wondering why I awoke at 4:30 AM. Perhaps it was Spirit desiring to share.

"Yes, Dear One, it is time for us to share with all your world, the very simple fact that All Is Love."

I feel that my words are my action and at times they are my reaction. First there was the Word and to me that Word was both a reaction and an action. Reacting to a desire to express Love, which to me Is the Divine Principle. And the action of that thought or desire expressing Itself throughout the Eternal Infinite Now.

Comes to mind the concept that All That Is, is consciousness, although I must also concede on different levels of awareness. Yet again is this not why we are here, to raise our level of awareness? The ultimate goal of Spirit, the blueprint of the Soul, being to facilitate the Sacred Union of Spirit and Matter. Thus God becoming more aware of God. Just as upon my lowly level I Am becoming more aware of Who I Am. We may be here for a short time but one day we shall raise our Being, including this physical body, to the next level. One day Humanity will raise All that we know as Matter to the Glory of God. Tis but a matter of choice in this Grand Experiment of Free Will.

And also one of my favorite words the "Trinity". I love to think that this word represents my Spirit, my Soul (the Living Christ within) and my conscious waking Being.

Words from my Beloved Anne come to mind. As when she expressed why do we need insurance for an unknown future event, when in reality is a matter of choosing to let go and Let Spirit Be our Guide. Go with the flow, that way only that which is for our highest good shall occur because that is the Will of God, the Will of Spirit. To Surrender to Love.

I do love those words! Tis but a choice. Unconditional Love, Unconditional Acceptance. Wow, easier said than done. No chance to cop out then.

"Follow your Heart, Dear One" How little did I know what saying these words would bring. Only that which is for our highest good I suppose. Equally as important "Let go, Beloved Child of the Universe, Let Go, Let God"

The door to my Heart is surely marked with a cross, as my Soul is Being crucified to my Spirit, the Beloved God That I Am. ...........

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