I AM Invocation



When I say “I AM”, my attention tends to focus upon the inner chamber of my heart, wherein resides my connection to Divinity. This has often been referred to as the Unfed Threefold Flame.

A blue flame embodying the Will or Power of God. A yellow/golden flame embodying the Wisdom of God, often related to as “Christ Consciousness” and a rose pink flame embodying Divine Love.


There is a conscious Presence to this Threefold Flame that I relate to when I say “I AM”.

It is often referred to as our I Am Presence.

I related to this Presence as the Soul Essence of my Being, my Holy Christ Self.

three fold flame



I Am


I am the Presence, That I Am

I Am the Light of my Soul


I Am One with my Father/Mother God

The Soul of Humanity


The Heartbeat of Mother Earth


I abide in the flow of Eternal Peace

The Riches and Opulence of God’s Full Presence

Manifests upon my Life’s Path this day


I Am That I Am


Beloved I Am


In loving gratitude I accept my gift of life.

I consecrate every thought, word, feeling and action

I express throughout this day,

with Divine Love and infinite gratitude for the opportunities

to add to the Light of the World.


I give thanks and praise

to my Father/Mother God,

the Company of Heaven, the Angelic Host,

the elementals and devas and

our Beloved Mother Earth,

for the support, assistance and guidance

that I receive this day.


I give thanks for the opportunities before me

to learn, to grow and to serve.


I give thanks for the abundance that shall flow to me this day

Acknowledging and honouring the “Law of the Circle”


I ask for now and invoke, in the name of my Holy Christ Self,

a blessing of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

And I ask the Company of Heaven and the Angelic Host

to add their momentum to this blessing.


Oh Violet Fire, thou Love Divine

Blaze now into, through, throughout and around our Being.


Dissolve all discord, all doubt, all fear.

Consume, dissolve, and purify all of our accumulated creations.

The cause, the core, the record and the effect of them

past, present and future, known and unknown.


Transmute all that is less than our Christ Perfection

Through the Power of the Light of Eternal Love

Through the Violet Flame of God’s infinite perfection.


I Am a being of Violet Fire

I Am the purity of my Heart’s desire

I stand now within the Violet Flame

Called forth in God’s own name

Let it set this our temple free

From all discord, imbalance and disharmony.


Transmute, transmute by the Violet Fire

All causes and cores not of God’s desire.

I Am a Being of cause alone.

That cause is Love, the Sacred Tone.


I Am a Being of Violet Fire

I Am the purity of my Heart’s desire.


And so it is


Beloved I Am

Beloved I Am

Beloved I Am That I Am




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