Heavenly Father,
Divine and Eternal Parent

I raise my whole being unto thee
A vessel emptied of self
So that thou might fill it overflowing
With thy love, thy light and thy grace
Overflowing that I might radiate
Touching all whom I contact
With the love and the light which I Am
That they too might sense the Divinity within
And realize by my example
The glory of thy being

Beloved Spirit that I Am
May thy will be done
I Am thy light, thy love
I Am the glory of thy being
By thy grace I walk with thee this day
Surrounded by thy blue flame will so true
I Am my God loving you
I Am the light and the love of the Living Christ
Flowing ever free
I Am the blessing of life eternal, balance and harmony

With thee I Am One
Thy will be done
Beloved I Am

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music by David Lanz ....
design by...Brigitta
artist... Gilbert Williams