What is a prayer to me? It is an invocation of Power, it is an affirmation of Faith, it is an expression of Desire. It is an opportunity to experience one's Divinity, for we are co-creators with Eternal Love and the Light we Give is the same blessing we desire for ourselves.
Who do we really pray to?

I pray for enlightenment, I pray for healing, I pray for abundance .... yet it is truly in giving that we receive.

LIFE ....... is .... IN...DEED a PRAYER.

And is not Prayer the expression of intent?
Life is an expression of intent.

The expression of intent..... Intent to Be... Be...come Self Aware.
BE the manifestation of Spirit. BE the expression of Love.

Prayer is the focusing of intent .... to manifest that which we desire, for ourselves or another, or Brother Humanity or perhaps our Beloved Earth Mother.

What shall I pray for this day? Whom shall I pray for this day? How shall I pray?

Hmmm .... LIFE ...... is .... IN...DEED ................ a PRAYER.

I shall see the Divine in All That IS. I shall Allow the expression and the experience of All that IS.

AND I shall KNOW the Perfection that IS The Will of GOD.
I shall see the Divine in All That IS.
I shall BE Unconditional LOVE and Unconditional Acceptance.

Heavenly Father/Mother Spirit
I raise my whole being unto thee
A vessel emptied of self
So that thou might fill it overflowing
With thy love, thy light and thy grace
Overflowing that I might radiate
Touching all whom I contact
With the love and the light which I Am
That they too might sense the Divinity within
And realize by my example
The glory of thy being.

Divine and Eternal Parent
Thy will be done
I Am thy light, thy love
I Am the glory of thy being
By thy grace I walk with thee this day
Surrounded by thy blue flame will so true
I Am my God loving you
With thee I Am One
Thy will be done

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