I Am

The Light of my Soul.


Tis the Love of our Spirit

that Makes Us Whole.


I call forth now and lovingly command,

the Light of Eternal Love.


Bless this Moment of my Being

with the Beloved Silver Violet Flame and Blue Lightning.


Consume, dissolve and purify

all of my accumulated creations.

The cause, the core, the record and affect of them,

past, present, and future, known and unknown.


Penetrate and saturate every atom and cell of our Being.

Dissolve all discord, all doubt, all fear.

Transmute all that is less than our Christ Perfection,

to a higher octave of Divine Love.


I give thanks to the Lord of Creation,

for the Power of the Light of Eternal Love,

and for the Blessing of this Moment.


Aho, Aho, Aho.





music by Deva Premal ....

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