Esoteric Astrology
The Journey of the Soul


The seven major force centers in the etheric body are the distributing agencies and electrical batteries providing dynamic force and qualitative energy to man; they produce definite effects upon his outer physical manifestation. Through this constant activity his qualities appear, his ray tendencies begin to appear and his point of evolution is clearly indicated.

The major influences that produce definite effects upon humanity and individual man:

1. The constellations of the Great Bear
2. The Seven Sisters of the Pleiades
3. Sirus, the Dog Star

1. The seven solar systems of which ours is one
2. The seven sacred planets of which ours is not one
3. The five non-sacred or "hidden planets"

1. The seven planetary centers
2. The seven centers of force in the human etheric body

1. The seven zodiacal constellations

A. That the planetary influences indicate the trend of the outer life circumstances. When correctly interpreted for the average man and the unevolved man, they can and do indicate the personality destiny and fate; they do condition and completely control the man who has no soul experience. The moment that a man becomes aware of his own soul and is endeavoring to control his own "path in life", the influence of the planets, per se, definitely weakens and steadily becomes less and less; his personality chart appears inconclusive and often most inaccurate. It is the force flowing THROUGH and not the force OF the planets themselves which then governs and controls. The man then becomes receptive to the subtler and higher energies of the solar system and of the twelve governing constellations.

B. The Sun sign indicates the nature of the man, physical, mental and spiritual. It holds the secret of the personality ray and of the man's responsiveness or lack of responsiveness to the Soul, the real man. It indicates also the integration already achieved and the present point of unfoldment of soul qualities, of the present available equipment, of the present life quality and the immediately possible group relations.

C. The Rising sign indicates to remoter possibilities and the spiritual goal and purpose of the immediate incarnation. This sign concerns itself with the struggle of the spiritual man "to carry on" from the point achieved so that when the life energy is temporarily exhausted and the "death of the personality" takes place, the man finds himself "nearer the center of his life, closer to the center of his group and approaching the center of divine life."

(a)It may mean the death of the physical body.

(b)The subjective and mystical "death of he personality" indicating the transfer of the focus for the distribution of energy from the personality (a definite center of force) to the soul (another definite center).

In connection with the sun sign, the rising sign (ascendant) and the effect of the thoughtform relating to the moon (a dead planet), the position of esoteric astrology is a follows:

1. The Sun Sign ---

This sign indicates the present problem of the man; it sets the pace or the established tempo of his personality life; it is related to quality, temperament and the life tendencies which are seeking expression in this incarnation and it is suggestive of the activity aspect of the innate man. Fundamentally, the forces here found are indicative of the line of least resistance.

2. The Ascendant or Rising Sign ---

Indicates the intended or immediate soul purpose for this incarnation. It holds the secret of the future and presents the force which rightly used, will lead the man to success. It represents the harmony aspect of life and can produce right relationship between soul and personality in any one incarnation. It thus points the way to the recognition of the forces of the soul.

3. The Moon ---

This type of force (coming from certain planets and not the moon) indicates that which is past. It, therefore, summarizes limitation and the present handicaps. It governs the physical body and shows where the prison of the soul is to be found.

In the greater cycle of man's many incarnations, he passes through the zodiacal circle from Pisces to Aries.

The moment a man is no longer subject to the glamour and to the effect of the world illusion, that moment the motion of the Great Wheel of Life is reversed and he begins to work in the opposite direction. He then passes through the signs from Aries to Pisces. He begins to consciously function as a soul struggling towards the light until finally he emerges at the end of the Path in Pisces.

It is the work of the zodiacal influences to evoke the emergence of the WILL aspect of the Eternal parent and of all monads (spirit - I AM Presence), souls (Living Christ - Master in the heart) and personalities.

The will - to - power

The will - to - love

The will - to - know

Esoteric astrology explores also the" Science of Triangles" as relating to:

Triangles of Energy ----------------- Constellations

Triangles of Force ------------------ Planets

Triangles and the Centers

and the "Three Crosses" as relating to:

The Cross of the Hidden Christ ------ Mutable Cross

The Cross of the Crucified Christ --- Fixed Cross

The Cross of the Risen Christ ------- Cardinal Cross

In light, with light, love and truth We are all seekers of the Divine

Our Beloved I AM Presence

And the intermediating link between that spiritual essence and our conscious waking world,

The Master in the Heart, the Living Christ,

Our Beloved Soul.

And the journey is so beautiful.

Compiled from the book Esoteric Astrology
as given to Alice Bailey by the Maste Djwhal Khul

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