Dark Night of the Soul

My beloved brother,

With compassion I have read your appeal for assistance.

You are totally supported in your right of passage. When the soul initially awakens, Spirit in its effulgence embraces you totally; you will even experience spurts of infinite love and tenderness in everything that you see and that you are. For the Beloved has shown itself to the Lover (you oh brother of mine). There is then what many will call a period of grace - the Beloved and the Lover adjusting to their new-found being.

That is the beginning of the journey of the soul. The soul, once having 'connected' with its Divine-self (the Beloved) then will as a child that has and is still learning to walk, be left at various stages to 'grow' in its spirit. And yet at every stage the Beloved watches its child its ownself growing, awakening etc., finding and discovering its own journey of discovery in the new world of Spirit-come-unconditional love.

That may last for a period of time and then something incomprehensible and intangible may take place. Few souls go through the experience. It is called the Dark night of the Soul. It is an experience of total bereftness, a feeling of having been abandoned. Why? It is the next step of the Beloved itself that you KNOW you KNOW and yet makes absolutely no sense. No one can share it with you, no one can you speak to that will be able to experience with you that grief that bereftness. For you see my beloved child you are taken into the crucible of Spirit itself. It will purify you and yet you as the child will not understand of what? IT KNOWS what it wants of its Lover (you); not in the human response but in the response of the soul crucified to Spirit. How long how long you will wonder and yet in its own way it is a glorious journey, a journey of the unkown into unknown territory.

Oh beloved brother of mine you are safe you are safe. Very often if the soul in question conveys through its human vehicle a propensity for imagery i.e. poetic, artistic etc., the experience of the (soul) initiation of crucifixion will be heightened because of sensitivity. You are well on the road to being fully claimed by the Beloved and you are very naturally feeling on the edge of a precipice and for the ego it is terrifying, bewildering and totally confusing. Why? (again the question) because you the human ego are no longer in control - you are literally out of control BUT the Beloved has you, it has you - the Great PRESENCE itself has you as a child enfolded in its heart. The heart of Light is NOW claiming the heart of darkness. THAT IS the denoument or the unfolding of Matter the Lover itself being claimed by its Beloved its ALL.

Yet again I will keep encouraging you to STAY IN THE NOW for Spirit is NOW journeyor in Matter. You will find as you ALLOW the moment it will ease and you will adjust automatically to allowing the feeling, allowing any feeling no matter how it presents. No longer will the intellect, the ego-self want justification for it no longer has control. The Presence, the Beloved and the Lover become One. It is choosing you sweet brother. For you have already plighted your troth.

I love you little one - there never was a time when you have not been loved in All that you Are.

My heart in Oneness
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