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Lady Master Gabrael

The Evolution of Service


            I first became aware of Lady Gabrael when she was known as Anne Hughes, who embodied the message of St. Francis of Assisi. I had listened to a tape of her presentation to a group in Vancouver, B.C. and was, to say the least, mesmerized by the voice of this Divine Messenger. About a year later I was directed to another presentation to be held in Bellingham, Washington. Two friends and myself journeyed to this event and were literally enthralled by her physical presence as well as her loving message. I shall never forget the moment, during a concluding question period, when a lady in the audience raised her hand to speak. Anne, greeting her by name, invited the question. A hush fell as the young lady gasped and uttered in astonishment “How did you know my name?”.  With a loving smile Anne said “Beloved I know all your names”.

            I was also aware that she was to visit my base area of White Rock, B.C. to partake in a similar event, hosted by a local group, about two months hence. Upon my return I sought to be listed for an interview with her on the day after her presentation. Honoured I felt, to be able to assist with the preparation for the presentation and blessed I was that Divine intent directed that I should meet with her in a lovely garden setting the following day. In this note I shall not go into detail of the time spent in her Presence other than to state one of the many blessings that I received was being made aware of her connection to St Francis, that of being his Soul Complement. And that our meeting led to and gave momentum to my Greatest Adventure.

            Understanding this connection, the evolution in her journey of service to becoming known as Anne Francis seemed obvious and quite acceptable. So too, as I have been aware for some time that St. Francis was an incarnation of the Beloved Brother Kuthumi, is the concept that she is also to be known by her spirit name, Gabrael.

            Speaking to the many has also evolved to where she now works with smaller groups and individuals who have gone past the glamour of the “New Age” or “Spiritual” movement and truly desire to be of selfless service to Brother Humanity and our Beloved Earth Mother.

In Light, with Light, Love and Truth

I have acquired a collection of Lady Gabrael's presentations which are offered below.

Click on link to play or right click and choose "Save link as", if you want to download.

Virginia Beach 05/24/98
Temecula 10/03/98
Temecula 10/10/98
Temecula 09/05/98 #1
Temecula 09/05/98 #2
Temecula 09/20/98
Temecula 03/06/99 #1
Temecula 03/06/99 #2
Temecula 08/07/99 #1
Temecula 08/07/99 #2
Vivtoria 06/12/05
Perth 2008

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