Good Morning Beloved


I Am

I Am the Light of my Soul


I Am one with our Father/Mother God,

the Soul of Humanity

and the Heartbeat of Mother Earth.


I abide in the flow of Eternal Peace.

The riches and opulence of God’s full Presence,

manifests upon my Life’s path this day.


I Am the Presence That I Am


Beloved I Am


Thank you, thank you, thank you


I give thanks

I give thanks and praise

to our Father/Mother God

to the Company of Heaven

to the Angelic Host

the Elementals and Devas

and to our Blessed Mother Earth.


Thank you for the blessings of this day,

for this Gift of Life.

For the opportunities before me,

to learn, to grow and to serve.


For it is my desire, my intent,

to serve Brother Humanity,

the Ascended Masters,

 our Earth Mother.


To serve the Light of Eternal Love.

The Light and the Love that I Am.


Oh Divine Mother,

May this day I be a conduit for

the flow of your Light, your Love.


I honour and accept that it is by thy Grace

and the Will of our Father God,

that the Violet Flame of your infinite Perfection

blazes forth.


Flowing into, through, throughout and around

our Being.

Dissolving all discord

Transmuting all that is less than our Christ perfection.


Flowing now out into our world,

Blessing All there in.


Indeed the Power of the Light of Eternal Love.

I thy name

So Be It.


Beloved Presence That I Am

Thou Christ within,

Let us now add our momentum

to the Blessings

flowing from our Father/Mother God.


Let there be Peace on Earth,

Eternal Peace.


May there be an ever expanding awareness

from within each person’s

Heart of Hearts


That we are One,

We are All One.


May the Will of our Father/Mother God be done.


Beloved I Am, Beloved I Am,

Beloved I Am That I Am.




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