I AM all That Is



                      I AM the Alpha and the Omega. I love you totally. From the very

                      beginning of time, there has never been a time when I have not loved

                      you completely - in all that you are and hope to be throughout



                      I cherish you, I embrace you, I annoint you. I AM your salve. I hear

                      you even in the silence. I AM the echo, the bell, the chime. I hold you

                      in my hands, gently, with mercy flowing from my heart which is the

                      source - into you.


                      I AM the transformation; I AM the alchemist. I want only for you to

                      know that all the days of your life - throughout the aeons of time, I

                      AM your shepherd - you are my lamb. I love you, I honour you, I

                      have created you. As you grow in your knowledge of me so you will

                      know the wonder, the glory, the ecstasy. It is the Ultimate, the

                      supreme delight. It is enchantment.


                      I AM come so that you may live life abundantly - that you have

                      wonderous rich blessings in all that you are and have and be. Have

                      total faith in my Presence for I AM all that is. You are surrounded by

                      me. I saturate the all. I AM all. I can hear you speak to me. Trust me,

                      Little one.


                      My Peace I give to you.

                             My Heart, My Love, My Life.

                             Beloved of my Soul


                                  Francis (in the Heart of the Beloved)


music by Sarah McLachlan ....

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