Although I retain copyright for my work, with permission, all items may be used as desired, as long as there is no charge and credit is given to the author. For as my Beloved Gabrael has often said "love does not need to charge for love (why should love charge for itself?). I am not interested in persuading or soliciting a following. I do not need the adulation of another - as Love does not need to win a popularity contest. No one needs another when one realizes who one is. Yes, one will enjoy sharing with others - experiencing love it its many facets: one heart, one mind, one voice - In other words. Unity in diversity."

The Path Of Life by St. Germaine As Received by Margaret E. Petty "Dedicated to all Mankind" "Seek God Within"

This out of print "Wonder" has been transcribed by a Beloved Brother and is available in ebook format.

Spirit Quest is available in ebook (downloadable) and hard copy book form (including graphics - approx. 70 pages)

Although I do not solicit donations, there has been expressed on occassion, the desire to contribute to a journey of service and the maintanence of "Spirit Quest". For those that desire, contributions may be sent via PayPay/e-Transfer to or via cheque to the address below.

You also may write me at
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Ongoing projects

This site is an ongoing joy and shall be updated as new material is made manifest. There are many marvelous experiences, that I have had upon this beautiful journey to the Divine, yet to share.

And agian I would appreciate any comments or suggestions.

I Am,
Your Stephen

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