Oh Beloved Spirit That I Am

Divine and Eternal Parent of my Being,

How might I best serve upon this,

my journey to the Divine?



“Little One,

Balance, harmony and joy is to strive for.

Unconditional Love, unconditional acceptance is to strive for.

Awareness, Soul Consciousness is to strive for.

A Being centered upon the Love of Spirit, is to strive for.

It is not so much as to how you react to your external environment,

Rather it is how you create your environment from within.”




How does one achieve balance, harmony and joy

In such chaotic times.

There is much turmoil around me, within me.



“Beloved of my Heart,

KNOW that you are loved, that you are a precious and majestic star

in the Universal ALL That Is. That you play an important part in this drama

Called Life.

KNOW that you Are Love.”



Divine Parent,

Enlighten my mind, open my heart to the

Awareness of the task at hand.



“Dear One,

Seek not external joy

Seek not validation

Seek not justification

Seek not self-gratification



Seek not to judge

For how can one truly say where another

Should be upon their journey.


Do not portend to be anything

Other than a student of the Divine.

Do not attempt to take credit for anything

That you may feel flows through you.



For truly it is Love

That Loves through you.


The little ego desires to participate, to achieve status.

Let go of the little ego.

Let me shine forth in all

The Magnificent Glory that We Are.”



Divine Creator of my world,

How might I become more of

Thy Manifestation?



“Beloved Child of the Universe,


Allow the Universe to unfold before you,

As it should.


Detach yourself from external events

For they are but to mirror back to you

That which Both reflects the beauty of the inner child

And that which needs Enlightenment.

ALL events are opportunities to learn, to grow and to serve.


Achieve Inner Peace and

Soon the external illusion will mirror only Loving Service.


For in Light, with Light, Love and Truth

The Universe IS WITHIN.


It IS the Light of the Living Christ

That guides and sustains you.


ALLOW your true essence to take control

Of every atom and cell of your Being.


DETACH from the drama, you so enjoy.





Live in the Moment, the Eternal NOW

For therein lies the

Only true existence.


Remember that the Universe

The Source of Love

The Source of Light



I Am Is the Way

I Am therefore your Are

You Are therefore I Am.


Not just that you are Dearly Loved,





When I see the Light

When I see the potential of beauty and joy

Yet feel the cloud around me

What do I do?



“Little One,

Discern your world from a Loving Heart

Trust the Will of Heaven”




Divine and Eternal Parent of my Being,

I Am eternally grateful,

For the blessings of this moment.




That I Am

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