Blessings of light and love.

It is time again to put pen to word and share my love and the expanding awareness of our Beloved Spirit.

One beautiful facet of this awareness is the realization of abundance.

Abundance is the riches and opulence of Godís full presence, manifest in our life.

What restricts us from realizing this abundance, this perfection of that which we already are?

The foe is attachment. The foe is ego.

As the ego clings to the fear of separation, in all its forms, we limit our being. Abandonment, envy, jealousy, unworthiness, judgment, gossip all weave the web of despair, of separation.

Attachment to the astral realm weaves a web of limitation. This plane of emotion, of sensation, of psychic awareness, as beautiful as it is, retards our access to the spiritual plane of true consciousness.

How easy it is to become entangled in the web of seeking external sources for our enlightenment and our healing.

I do not wish to invalidate the true light of unconditional love and the many sources that we may draw inspiration from. But I do suggest that the inspiration should be to seek within, to become more aware of the spiritual essence that we are. For that essence is the true source of our healing and our abundance.

As we become more aware of our spirit, we become aware of the radiant white cloud that surrounds us and permeates every atom of our being. This cloud is magnetic energy, universal mind, cosmic light, cosmic love.

As we visualize, with pure intent, that which we wish to manifest in the white fire essence of this cloud, and ask our spirit to take control, to seal the vision, we attract more energy, more substance. We become co-creators with God.

We realize healing, we realize growth, and we realize the perfection that we already are. We realize our destiny.

What is happiness? What is joy? What is the opulence and riches of Godís full presence? What is unconditional love?

Beloved, it is what we already are.
We are one. You and I and our source are one.
One with all that is.

One with the Light of Eternal Love.

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