Descriptions, definitions, compilations, teachings, whatever and wherever the use of labels and terminology is found, discernment is the key.

And hopefully it is an individual response to or interpretation of a Divine Source.

The concept of mind being limitless certainly allows for many unique variations. I have experienced offerings that originally I did not resonate to, only at a later time, seen perhaps in a different light, found something of value to aid my journey and stimulate growth. Discernment!

I remember enjoying the warm fuzzie bubbles felt in response to the words from a Beloved SiStar ... (it's like reading ANY information provided as tools for growth, each time we reread something, our individual perception grows as we view it from the NOW we are at this moment which is of course not the NOW of 10 minutes ago nor will it be the NOW 10 minutes from NOW....)

And also .... (As we all know, everyone who comes into our life for a "season" comes with a "reason". And we all know we are ALL connected to the Divine Source, being ONE, but sometimes it helps to understand each other and those in our lives if we look at this with open mind and no attachment to outcome.)

I relate to our Brother Hercules when battling the nine headed Hydra. Each time he would cut off a head it would reappear whilst he was battling another. Seemed that he couldn't win or even make significant progress until finally, out of desperation, he lifted the Hydra off the ground, thus denying the beast energy to fight. This too was not without great effort, yet was the only way to slay the demon. He held the Hydra up to the Light, he took it within his Heart. (non remunerated promotion for one of the greatest books that I have ever read.... Alice Bailey's "The Labours of Hercules")

I feel that ascension is the conscious merging with one's Spirit. Conscious being the key word. For me it is first becoming Soul Conscious. For it is through the Living Christ Within that we truly touch our Source.

Is this commonly done at a time of death, when the physical and soul realities merge or can it be accomplish by raising our vibration, whilst in the physical? Must we transcend the physical or perhaps must we transmute the physical? Anything is possible, right?

Ascending ... descending .... and as once again written by this Beautiful Soul ... ("integrating into our beings" is a better choice.) ....... a better choice indeed!

And really, really ringing the truth bell! ..... (Hence, yes, I agree we CAN merge/find/experience our Twin “ESSENCE".....(.hmmmmm, there's a better word. ) in physical embodiment, perhaps not the "old" physical embodiment, but the new physical embodiment that we are processing and creating at this time on all levels.)

I am living testament to this. For all the anguish that I put myself through when I did not achieve the "Sacred Union" with my "Twin Essence", I do KNOW that it is our destiny.

Perhaps it is opportune to share another of my experiences of phenomenal, breathtaking, extra dimensional Love. One day (it all happened one day) Okay, one evening, I was settling down in my van "Angel" and looking at a picture of my Beloved and myself which overlooked the sink. I thought .... the thought presented itself ... I wonder what it was like when Anne and Francis (who I might add is also known as Kuthumi) achieved that "Sacred Union"? Again I was overcome (I know of no better word) with the most Beautiful Love. It was a feeling of Wholeness, Completion, Devotion. It was ........ I have no other words for it.

Well maybe awesome (hmm .... doesn't do it justice).

Looking back, which is not a good way of living in the Now, I at times still wonder why events transpired as they did. Did I need to experience the Hydra. Or did I just do a tremendous number on myself. Was it necessary? Was I ready and my Beloved not or was it the other way around? Did I, could I have, would I?

This I know, one day I shall know. I know that by living in the Present my gift to myself is not going down those dark, dark paths of despair and torment. There is a certain contentment that arrives when one's intent is upon Soul Consciousness, when one endeavours to let go, to allow Spirit to be our guide. When One Loves One's Self.

I knew, long ago, it was my task to learn to Love myself and All my World as I Love the Compliment of my Soul. Notice that myself is still in small letters. The journey continues, progress is Being.

I also know that from distress, from dis-ease can come salvation. Today I am not so surprised at the Love that emanates from this Heart of mine and in truth always has. I take solace in the words that the Good Lord does not give us anything that He does not feel we can handle. (I take solace in the desire to write She rather than He being a joy ... she is quite tonight)

"We are One, Stephen, I Am always here" ......... thank you!

My World is Filled and Thrilled with the Light of Eternal Love.

I am Eternally Grateful that you All are part of my World.

May each Feel the Love that radiates from my Soul as the same Love Blossoming from within your Most Beautiful, Precious, Glorious Being!
May each of us Feel the Ascension into the Light of our Soul.

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