Communion With My Soul

Memories of words sent to me by my Beloved Francis, " For you see my beloved child you are taken into the crucible of Spirit itself. It will purify you and yet you as the child will not understand of what? IT KNOWS what it wants of its Lover (you); not in the human response but in the response of the soul crucified to Spirit."

I wondered what it truly meant by the soul being crucified to Spirit.

As I allowed my mind to expand to include my soul awareness, the following is what processed. My understanding is the that soul is, amongst other things, the compilation of human experience. That which I have chosen upon this journey, both the good choices and the not so good have been recorded by my soul as well as my actions and reactions, including their influence on others. So what I sow I shall reap, right? Poor soul, sorry for all the abuse I have subjected you to. There have been good times too, though.

But what does this have to do with crucification?

Then from my soul (beautiful Being that She is) came the thoughts:

"In order, Dear One, to become a better vehicle for Spirit I must process, not just what you and I have experienced this lifetime, but that which I have recorded for all our lifetimes. It is not really a matter of cleansing, rather it is the integrating of all experience with Love. And how do I accomplish this, Dear One? Through you, of course. I have experienced more heartache, anguish and betrayal than you. Yet I have also experienced more Eternal Love than you. Spirit places upon our path experience to assist us in this integration. As you benefit from and heal (integrate) these experiences, so do I. As you overcome obstacles, addictions, limitations so do I. Know that all you experience is not entirely your responsibility.

And, Beloved, you must forgive me just as I have forgiven you."

Wow, quite the concept. What I have, am, experiencing is not just my fault. To understand that my soul must integrate all within our being with Love, I must honour that this journey is the ascension journey. That now is the time to learn, to grow and to serve. That as my vibration ascends to a higher level, I must assist my soul, my being, to shed discord, to integrate all that I Am, with LOVE.

I then felt overcome with the most wonderful compassion for my soul. For that which She has experienced because of me and for that which She must integrate from lifetimes of experience.

She is so beautiful, and the Love of our Spirit the most magnificent reward imaginable. As I become more aware of my soul becoming more aware of our Spirit, the Trinity is being realized. The Sacred Union of Spirit and Matter is facilitated through the awareness of mind.

In that moment I felt Soul Conscious and I wept with both anguish and joy. I felt the desire to share this experience. I thought that I must get up and write of this and as I looked over to my bedside clock it read 3:33 pm.

And so it is.

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