Principle (Webster): a comprehensive and fundamental law, doctrine or assumption. divine principle - god in principle

A Divine Principle

As the butterfly draws nectar from the flower and collects pollen on its legs; the flower gives of itself and thus honours God.

The butterfly, receiving this gift of love and gift of life, flies on to the next blossoming experience, thus propagating life and honouring God.

All life honours God. All experience honours God.

The gift of free will enables us to honour God in an unique way, a way possibly unique in the entire universe.

I Am That I Am. I Am All That Is, representing the Alpha and Omega of being, the masculine and feminine aspects of spirit.

I am the beggar and the thief. I am the abuser and the abused. I am the caregiver and the saint.

Although at times I may have not realized it, I am the giver and receiver of love in the form of opportunity to experience both hurt and pain as well as joy and salvation.

And thus I have honoured God

And thus I have honoured who I Am.

And as I become more aware of who I Am, I choose to honour God in the light of the Living Christ.

In loving service I shall honour God.

In the awareness of his presence manifesting through me, I will glorify the Beloved God That I Am. The God that is Unconditional Love and Unconditional Acceptance.

I will accept my brother's journey as the desire to experience the duality of life in order to realize the wholeness of his being and the union of his life with all life.

And I will forgive my journey. I will honour Who I Am.

I will accept the "Divine Principle", to honour God.
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