Fantastic Fantasy

As I laid awake the other night, after my meditation, my favorite song echoing in my heart, a beautiful vision appeared in my minds eye.

A pristine alpine meadow, blanketed with flowers pink and blue and radiant white. Violet and yellow, what a beautiful sight. Mountains around all capped with snow nourishing a stream, sparkling bright as if it was filled with liquid light. Around this meadow trees tall and strong swaying in the breeze that was also singing this marvelous song. The sky was blue with puffs of white. The sun radiating itís gift of life. A gentle mist in the air catching the radiance of this beauty, so fair.

As I sat watching, my heart filled with love and joy, you and Elijah danced into the center of this beautiful sight, the flowers weaving a carpet of delight. You were in a dress of white, Elijah in colors of the rainbow bright.

Around and around you danced with joy. Tag you were playing, now catch me. Shrills of laughter, squeals of glee. Innocence and purity, what a vision to see.

Overwhelmed with love, I leaped forward doing a somersault in the air. Landing on my feet, I sprang up into the sky and off into the universe. Stars twinkled and flashed by, all the while my song singing from my heart.

Into a brilliant yellow sun I flew, surrounded then by a golden hue. For a moment I sat in awe absorbing the magnificence of Godís wisdom, this golden yellow light.

Filled and thrilled with golden hue, off into the universe I bound, my journey anew. On I went through vast oceans of stars, to a crystal clear sun of electric blue. Then into that sun I flew with memories of you and Elijah dancing in that field back where my journey began. And as I thought of you, I felt the power of God radiating forth in two beings of love. Strength in the purity of innocence. So it is below as it is above.

Filled with the power of loves true heart, on I bound, the stars twinkling more brightly now. On and on, filled with joy, singing my song of praise. Then into a sun of rose pink light, what a glorious sight. Now to stop, my journey at end, bathing in light of Godís pure love.

You and Elijah then came to me, standing by my side. As I took your hand and beheld the smile on your lips and in your eyes, it was no surprise that you too were singing my song of love.

Christopher came to us then and as I was about to introduce Elijah, they greeted each other with "hello brother".

Elijah to your left, Christopher to my right, my Dad now entered this beautiful sight, greeting us all with his radiant love.

I looked at you, now dressed in a gown of white silk, trimmed with gold. Upon it, over your heart, was a radiant pink rose in full bloom. Looking down at myself soon to see that I was dressed the same.

Before us now in this sun of radiant love, and slightly above, appeared a thrown of gold and gems so bright. What a tremendous sight. Upon the thrown sat the Living Christ. Beauty as such I have never seen. The light and love of God flowing from this majestic being.

To his left stood the Lady Master Nada, smiling at us. On either side the Masters true, dressed in majestic hue. Gold and white and colors bright, seven rays of radiant light.

What a joy to behold, this wondrous sight.

All are singing now, my song of praise, to our Lord upon the thrown. A chorus of angels all around, also ring forth this beautiful sound.

I Am That I Am, Beloved I Am
I Love That I Am, Beloved I Am

The radiant light of Godís pure love surrounded us now, coming from our Lord above.

Honoured we are to knell at his feet. to accept this blessing of joy. The Masterís touch, the Angels whispering in our ears, honouring the God that we hold so dear. Our very own Beloved I Am.

I looked at you and saw that now blended with you, was me. And from within my being I saw that you too were one with me.

I returned to our meadow on Blessed Mother Earth. At peace, filled with your light and love. Marveling at the union of our souls.

What a fantastic fantasy, or was it real. I know that I Am your light, I Am your love, I Am That I Am.

I Am That I Am, Beloved I Am
I Love That I Am, Beloved I Am
I Love Who I Am,
Beloved I Am

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