Journeys End


                Herein lies the Glorious Mystery for the Philosopher and the Magic of Love for the Poet.

                Were we to realize the Journeys End,  would creation cease to exist? A state of Nirvana,

perhaps? Or perhaps still the, Heart felt, Universal yearning to expand the awareness of Self?

Or the Conscious Desire for the inbreath and return to Source? There for but a Moment of rest until

again is felt the pulsation of Eternal Love that begins the cycle again.

                Blessed Maya, the stage for our Magnificent Dramas and the facilitator of opportunities to

learn, to grow and to serve. Would the Truth, be it known, spoil the journey? Deny us our Grand

Adventures? Or would it set us free to realize the Grander Adventure that lies behind the veil, beyond

the Ring Pass Not?

                For the Philosopher Poet it IS the Journey that is the Truth. Never ending, ever changing.

What matters our little truths of the moment when a Moment of Eternal Love is Being and being realized?

                We are first and foremost travelers. Let us Journey Well.


Upon this Journey to the Divine,

My Spirit and Soul are the Travelers,

I Am but the illusion,

A vehicle for the manifestation of their Love.


Yet I Am the seeker of my Soul,

That I might become more of the adventurer,

Is my goal.


Therefore I must seek not to find blame,

Neither should I yearn to acquire fame.


For I Am but a player 

In this Magnificent game.


I Am seeking now to better know

My Self


I Am that I Am





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