Language of Light

Being the Vagabond Poet, tis easy to relate to the desire to express the Light of our Souls. And to the frustration that seems on occasion to be it's companion.

An analogy or two perhaps......

Expansion often requires disruption .... as the young chick desiring to break into the awaiting new world must first break its shell..... as Mother Earth emits an occasional fart (oops) to relieve pressure via a volcano or earthquake .... as the butterfly must break out of its cocoon to fly free.

What must each feel before the Light is seen ..... frustration, wonder, doubt, fear, anguish .... for it is the unknown that lies before it ... or is it perhaps joy, knowing that what lies ahead is a new Grand Adventure.

I feel that human conditioning is our shell, as is a physical vehicle that has been abused by years of over indulgence, addiction and neglect. What does the Soul feel? What must the Spirit provide to stimulate growth?

If required ... disruption of the physical vehicle .... aches, pains, dis-ease.

If required ... disruption of the mental vehicle ... frustration and 101 other things, right?

If required ... only that which is required.

Beloved ... "I can't believe I sat here crying while writing this.....something "deep" inside is churning away....Tears are a sign of release on any and all levels.....surrender I must"

What is churning away inside is the most beautiful Love imaginable. And "surrender" we must ... to the Soul, the chick within, the butterfly. Tis the Soul that connects " the big light dictionary in the sky....." Tis the Soul that receives Spirit's stimulus.

What does the Soul feel ........ ONLY LOVE and the joyful expectation of Spirit manifesting through it's Beloved ..... YOU!

A bit of frustration is good when one relates it to the butterfly anxiously awaiting its new birth. What's this we see a leg and a wing protruding?

I think that the bird has emerged and is just spreading its wings. Frustration may be due to its realization that it is an Eagle. Instead of the sweet nectar of the flower it must devour what? Oh well, look how high we shall soar.

Now if we can only assist Mother Earth to ascend gracefully I am sure it would smell better!

The language of Love is Poetry, the language of Harmony is Music.

The language of Light is the Harmony of Love in Motion ..... a Master Oracle of Sound. Me thinks we need to augment the meager talents I possess. Tis to be a Glorious collage of the Art of many. Are there any contributors awaiting on the wings of Angels?

Geometry, symmetry, the magic of the Mandelbrot, the Infinite manifesting through the Keys of Life ..... what fun, what fun! I also think we may need 144 keys for that is the Number of Magic. Of the Wizard Merlin as he struck his staff upon the gates of Heaven, allowing Mystery to descend upon Mother Earth. Enchantment that all might feel the inspiration of the Dragon as it's fire warms the Soul, kindles the Spirit to manifest the Miracle of Elfendom, the Mistful Gates of Avalon.

I can see it all now ...... through the gates to where the Elves and Fairies and Hobbits and Unicorns are dancing in the meadow. A chorus of Angels causing twinkles upon a wistful breeze of the Light of Eternal Love. Swooping, then swirling as the fountain of eternal youth upwards, upwards through the pillars of Creation, bursting brilliantly to form Heavens Stars.

Oh twinkling Star of Heavens Light, I see your Magic, I feel your Might ...... Bless us with a keyboard that speaks to All in the Language of Light.

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