Mirrors of the Soul

Oh, how we anticipate, with joy, the day when you are truly free to express your Love.

KNOWING that we compliment the Journey of your Soul. That we mirror the perfection and radiant beauty of your being.

We do not impede or restrict your journey. We allow the expansion of your universe.

As you experience life, as you search within, to touch your Soul, we are there. We are Who you are, the light, the love and the power of your Spirit.

We are the All That Is.

Shine forth Beloved. Radiate into your universe the Love of your Spirit. Know that we are there for you. We are the mirrors of your Soul. We are with you, in Love.

You are the God/Goddess of our being.

May your Soul whisper in your ear, I love you. May it caress your cheek. May its tears of joy fall upon your Heart, fanning the passion to be Who you are. For they are also our voice, our lips and our tears. They are mirroring to you the Glory and the Magnificence that you are.

Oh how we anticipate, with joy, the moment you are free.

If you could but feel the Love in our Heart at this moment, for we are of The One Heart, you would know how precious and wonderful you are.

We are the Mirrors of your Soul.

May the Winds of Heaven dance between us.



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