It Prays to Listen


At a point in the moment of this Eternal Now, the personality becomes cognizant that it feels itself as individual. Yet at that same moment the question arises Who am I, what am I. It is at this moment it has touched it's soul and that still small voice within. Now the return journey begins, the journey home. For first the soul incarnated to experience duality, to understand it's Self as individual, an individual spark of….??

I Am That I Am.

As awareness expands, still only duality seems to exist. I pray to God for understanding. May I become One with thee, Father. Through experience, trial and tribulation the focus returns again and again to that Voice within. Because all that is external, even if it is beautiful, is separate. Who Am I? What Am I to do, to find my true meaning, my true purpose?

On I go. With each new experience I find, I Feel another aspect of my Being. I relate my expanding world to me, to What I Am. Some experiences, some aspects I like, some not. Yet I must go on, Father why have you forsaken me?

"Beloved, how can I forsake my Self?"

The moment has arrived, for in the agony of experience or in the ecstasy of fulfillment the Soul now has touched it's Spirit. Spirit has been using this vehicle to record experience. Now it is time for Soul to be crucified to Spirit. For Spirit to interact with this we call life more directly. Vibration has increased with experience to where Spirit can be felt, can be heard.

Test after test to refine the Being, to expand awareness. The journey home continues. Father What Am I?

"Beloved you Are, therefore I Am"

Anxious I am now. I have touched Love, I have felt my God. Yet again the strife continues, doubt, fear, illusion manifest everywhere. What am I to do?

"Listen, Beloved, listen to me. Listen to that still small Voice within, for I Am there."

I give up, I surrender to……?? I surrender to Spirit. But what is Spirit? Is it Love? Is it energy? Am I just a vehicle for experience? What is my purpose?

"Pray, Beloved. Pray and listen. There is a whole New World awaiting you. Allow that which Is and always has been to Be."

Where is this New World, Father? Where must I go, where should I be?

"The Universe is within you, Beloved. Think, feel, and experience What I Am. Open your Heart to Who I Am. For, Beloved, I Am you, I Am All That Is."

Does this mean that I don't have to experience more anguish and pain? Don't I create or co-create my world?

"Beloved, my blessing to you is choice. Truly what else do you have?"

I have you, Father. I have a beautiful Soul that is the vehicle for Spirit. I have myself.

"Beloved, If I Am All That Is, if I Am your Soul, if I Am your Spirit, if I Am Love, do you not already have everything?"

Then what is my purpose?

"My purpose, Beloved, is to experience Who I Am. I Am expanding infinite awareness."

Father, might I say then that:

I Am the Light and the Love of the Living Christ,
flowing ever free.
I Am the blessing of life Eternal,
balance and harmony.
Beloved I Am.

"Now, Stephen, you are listening"

Moral of my little tale: "It prays to listen"

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