Self Love

Self-love is an awareness. It is awakening to the Living Christ in our being. For we are Hu - mans being. God manifesting through being.

We begin to understand when we realize that the inward journey, seeking to touch our souls, to find ourselves, can be a selfish act.

Shutting out any facet of our world is shutting our hearts to the Living Christ within. It is difficult to realize love of self when we are not aware that the world is our mirror, reflecting back to us the magic and mystery of our being.

By opening up our hearts, in the selfless act of giving, we begin to receive. To receive the opulence and riches of Godís full presence.

When we realize that we are the mirrors to others, who touch our paths and that by giving our love we receive our love.

Balance and harmony - the awareness that we are one with all that is, that all is good, that all is God.

By respecting all living things, we respect ourselves. We all have needs, desires and aspirations. By honoring others we honor ourselves. We achieve harmony within our being. Balance!

To look at any facet of our world and say Beloved, I love you totally, I love you completely. I accept you unconditionally, is considering every opportunity to express our love a gift, a blessing

At times I wonder why I am here. Am I here to be a catalyst in another's life, to assist in their spiritual growth?

I realize that I am here for my spiritual growth and indeed I Am a catalyst. Am I here seeking completion, to express my love, to become whole, that Spirit might guide me towards the next phase of my journey?

I am here to share, to express, to love, to become more aware of my world and myself.

As I become more aware, some of that which I accept as knowledge becomes wisdom. As I experience knowledge it becomes wisdom.

I am realizing more and more that it is a journey of surrender. Surrendering to who I really am, to love.

Life happens, I donít seem to have any control. There are only choices and what I choose at the moment determines what happens upon my path and at times it is very difficult to see the road ahead.

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