The Gift

Once I was given a beautiful gift.
But a gift that I could not share.
And I wept with both sadness and joy.

While reflecting upon unconditional love,
I knew that to make you happy,
I would gladly give you the world.
But that is only a material thing.

I would, with joy, give my life for your well being.
But that is only my physical existence
in a moment of time.

To support your spiritual growth,
I would honour your freedom,
realizing the perfection that you already are.
I would honour your journey.

And I would be who I Am,
always endeavoring to emulate unconditional love.

And as I considered this, I was given the gift.
The gift was understanding.

To be who I Am,
I may have to endure the fires of hell,
whatever my hell might be.
To purify body, mind and soul.
To be the best I can be.

I then appreciated what the Masters have done,
in order to flood our world with light.

I knew why the Angels support us
with their love and light.

Why we are given opportunities, by those who love us,
to experience both joy and pain.

I realized the purpose of each journey,
each soul, each flame.

To experience the Divine in all that is.
That all is really One.

And I knew that only one Source could offer this beautiful gift.

The Divine Parent of my Being.

I accepted, with true humility, this gift of understanding.
The understanding of who I Am.

This gift from myself.

From the Beloved Spirit that I Am.

I then felt my eyes sparkle and the tears flow again.

Because eyes that smile when the heart is filled with love,
can only cry tears of joy.

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