The Source of My Love

At times my words ring bright and true.

As when they say I am loving you.

And truth is conveyed when they sing I am your light, I am your love our Eternal Parent blesses us from above.

And from within.

For as the Eternal Parent radiates from the central sun through the seven brothers of the Great Bear and the seven sisters of the Pleiades, on downward through the seven sacred planets to Mother Earth and to my Spirit, the Beloved That I Am, the Beloved radiates that light and love. Manifesting as the Christed Light within my heart. That is the source of my love.

The Christ in me is my beloved soul. At times my soul illuminates my mind. And my words ring bright and true.

What I see in you, it sees in me. A radiant being, a sparkling gem, you are the majestic presence of my soul's true light.

The Christ in you and the Christ in me will sustain our love for eternity.

The Eternal Parent is eternal love. She is in my heart and he is in yours too. Only one reason why I am loving you.

Smile for me, beloved of my heart, knowing that in Spirit we will never part.

As I open my heart, to touch your soul, it is indeed a joyous goal to radiate the light and love of the Living Christ. And to mirror to you balance, harmony and the beautiful being that you are.

I write these words to honour the glory of your being, the glory of my being and the glory of our being. To honour the source of my love and the beautiful mirror you are to me.

Beloved of my heart, our spirits will never part. I know that I shall always be with you in love, that I shall always be in love with you.

Father, you are the source of my love, the life that beats my heart, the light that illuminates my mind with loves true art.

Through all experience I have realized that love as never changing. I have doubted, been angry and feared. About life, you and myself.

Yet my soul has never wavered.