To Honour and to Love You

I choose to love you even though I have no choice.

I choose to express and experience my physical, emotional and spiritual divinity
to you, with you and through you.

This I choose and even though my need to express the physical and emotional
may diminish over time.

The fire and passion that I feel when we touch will always shine.
This is so, I love you.

As the expression of my spiritual self grows, as it fills my entire world, it honours
you. Because it is with you, to you and through you that it has cause, it has worth, it has life.

To know you is to love you.

To love you is to honour you

The more I grow spiritually, the more I honour you.

The perfect being that I see in you and me.

The state of love, of bliss, of joy.

All this to honour you and thus to honour me and thus to honour Our Destiny

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