Trials and Tribulations

Through the trials and tribulations, many things my heart has endeavored to teach.

One is that its love is constant. Another is that if I close my heart, love festers, causing my mind to create the despair and anguish of my mental hell.

That opening my heart brings peace and understanding. Understanding coming from an awareness of my soul and that really all is of love.

Understanding too that as how you choose to open your heart determines who we are.

If your heart is closed, I shall still live there in memories. Yet memories of anguish, of troubled times, of the desire to be complete, to be who you are.

And I pray, occassionally of things beautiful, of passion and the joy of sharing.

For I am always there.

Should you open your heart a little, you will feel my support, that I care for you and how your journey is unfolding.

What can I do to promote your well being, to support your journey?

I can only love you each moment of every day. I can only accept your choices as your hearts desire to be the best you can be. I can only focus on the precious, beautiful being that is you, my shinning star.

I can only trust in the Will of Heaven. And in my being, strive to mirror to you the perfect, radiant glory that you are.

Open your heart a little more and I will live there as your friend, bringing that caring and support a bit closer to home. At times to cry on its shoulder and not feel quite so alone. But be careful. Open your heart more and you will experience the awareness of your soul and feel the bond of eternal love that we share.

Yes there is a hook, yet one that has no barbs. A hook of golden light that pulsates to the rhythm of eternal love.

It has caught my heart. In fact body, mind and soul. It is both a blessing and a joy to know who you are.

And open your heart further yet, you will find peace and contentment. That all life is good.

Open your heart all the way and you will experience the union of our souls and know that all is love.

Feeling your presence in my heart gives me strength and at times has been my only reason for going on.

Knowing that if I close my heart I die. Die to the passion to be who I am, to appreciate that life is the experience of love in its many forms.

I have experienced the feeling that all is lost, that there is no hope.

Yet still the love in my heart is constant. All I have to do is open it knowing that you are there and again I will see your most beautiful presence and I will experience who I am.

I am your love.

Beloved of my heart,
You are always there.

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