Waiting For You


There is a whisper in my ear, that  speaks ever so softly now “I Am waiting for you”.


Tis a gentle voice, a soothing vibration of subtle waves, of dancing fantasy, of swirling light. As I quite my mind I hear:


I Am waiting for you in an infant’s smile, in the grasping of your finger with squealing glee, in eyes that are a sparkling

witness to the glory of my being. Do you see the joy you bring to my little world?


I Am waiting for you in the waters of a mountain stream. Flowing around and over polished pebbles, gems that I have created.

Do you hear my excitement as I rush into the grand adventure lying beyond the next bend? Even whilst knowing that I Am

already there. And as you peer deep within the silent pools of my being do you still hear my excitement?


I Am waiting for you in the wonder of the night. I Am the twinkle of the stars, I Am the Moon mirroring delight. Do you feel the

vastness of my being yet the simple magic of a gentle evening breeze as I caress your cheek?


I Am waiting for you as the passionate embrace of the Compliment of your Soul upon your return from a journey, arduous and

long. As you melt into my arms will you appreciate my journey too? Will you discern the journeys worth while?


I Am the yearning of your Soul, I Am waiting for you.


I Am the mystery of Spirit, I Am the Glory of Being, I Am waiting for you.


I Am the trials and tribulations, the tests you place upon your path to prove you are worthy. Do you know there is none more

worthy than you? I Am waiting for you.


I Am the power, the strength of the Ocean wave. Should I choose I may turn mountains into sand or take one grain and gently

place it upon a far off shore. Do you know that I Am your strength too? That I Am waiting for you?


Are you waiting too?





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