Where Might I Be


To a plateau it seems I have climbed,

Now perhaps might I rest,

For the journey has been long and arduous.

Arriving here has taken my best.


Thread bare and torn are my garments

Bruised and calloused my hands.

Yet in my Heart of Hearts, I am thankful.

Is it now that the trials are at end?


Alone must now I wander

Nary another soul is in sight.

Yet there is that Presence about me

Surely all is right.


Off in the distance, a Majestic Tower stands before me,

Radiant with glow from within.

Riches and opulence await me.

But path or road I see not.


Tis but to cross this vast expanse, I suppose

To glean the rewards that I seek.

When to begin, where to start?

Where is my guiding light?


Over the edge I peer back

Hearing the anguish below

As others commit to their journey,

To the Journey of the Soul.


I desire to serve

I know how the battles may rage.

To ease their burdens, I would gladly share

My knowledge of their path.


Calling out to the chasm yields not.

Reaching below, to offer a hand,

I grasp nothing but air, empty air.

Can they not see my plight?


How might I help?

How might I show that I care?


"Beloved of my Heart,


Stand where you are on lofty rise.

Be the Light that you are.

A beacon for others to follow.

A wayshower it is To Be.


Remember no discernable path

Is the One Path of Service.

Remember every lofty rise

Is but a plateau of Grace."


Then is it an example to be

The answer I seek?

Allowing the Presence That I Am

To show the way?


Yet how do I reach my Tower of Hope?

How do I find the strength and courage

To proceed?


"Little One,


Faith it is that can move mountains.

Trusting your Self, you shall see

Your Tower moving towards you

When you focus on not where it be.



You are never alone"



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