Wizard's Magic

Merlin once shared with young Arthur the secrets of being a wizard.

One was to live in the future, now.

When I think of this I marvel. For to feel the excitement in my mind, to feel the ecstasy of my soul, to feel the love of my spirit is truly enchantment.

In my crystal ball I see a tree of life, I see the desire of my conscious mind and physical form to shower you with love.

I see my being the awareness of my soul. I see the union with my beloved I Am that makes me whole.

I see the union of our souls in loving service to life. I see my spirit in love with you, in love with life.

I see the radiant glory of your being. I see your conscious mind uniting with your soul. And I see your magnificent spirit manifesting through your love for the world.

I see that I am a wizard and I feel the love flow. It is the supreme enchantment, this journey of the soul.

By the grace of God, through the will of my spirit, the beloved I Am, I see that I am the crystal ball.

And I feel our desire to assist others upon the path.

I see the union of all spirits, by Divine Grace, through Divine Love.

The light of the All that Is.

I feel the ecstasy of lying in your arms, born again into a bright new world. Suckling at your breast, a perfect breast. The sweet nectar of life flowing freely through, the light and love of your soul, a perfect soul.

The tender nurturing of your beautiful presence.
This is ecstasy, this is love, this is happiness, this is magic.
It is no wonder that I care for you so much.
It is the surrender to love.
It is the trust in the Will of Heaven.
It is the supreme joy of my soul
To honor your beautiful presence
To be loving you.

Father, the desire to be one with you.
My lady, the desire for the sacred union of our souls.
My desire for all life to become the One Life
Eternal Light, Eternal Love
It is so beautiful

In light, with light, love and truth
I am in love with the magic of life
I am in love with you

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