Love Is

I would like to share my perception, my understanding of what God is. And although I feel that it is not necessary to share the experiences that have led to my understanding, I would like to state that my concepts come from more than an intellectual view, a rational mind. They come from my Heart, because for lifetimes I have rationalized myself to death. What I seek in the Eternal NOW is Eternal Life.

Okay, so to me God just IS. It, He, She is the Original Source, the One from which all is derived. That is simple enough, Is there more?

If I were asked to define God, I could state it was to BE. God is active, intelligent, awareness, BEING.

Therefore presuming that God is BEING, you are God, I Am God, Mother Earth is God, the Universe is God. Fair enough, I like being/playing God. But then what is the reason of/for God. Why am I playing here? What is the Cause, the underlying principle and for that matter why is God? Damn it, Why am I here?

Now I would prefer to accept that there must be a rather simple answer. Why, you say (I heard you)? Something that just IS has to be the ultimate, supreme simplicity.

When I think of what is BEING, the only answer that comes to mind is Experiencing Oneself. Hey, that's good, that's God. I Am here in my world, experiencing all kinds of shit. Alright, along with the occasional moments of Love and Joy. How did it all start?

Was the Big Guy sitting one day, contemplating his navel, thinking I've got an itch but I don't know where it is. Then he began to chuckle as he thought, if I Am infinite how am I going to find that itch. Then he started to laugh and laughed so hard that He burst. Now that supports the big bang theory. We must be getting close.

Maybe He was smarter than the average All That Is and said "I know, I WILL manifest my SELF and find that itch. After all I have the necessary tools. I AM ENERGY and really that is all that matters. THAT'S IT!! I WILL shape my Self into little bits and call it Matter. I can then see myself and find that itch for sure. That's the spirit, ever onward.

Okay I now have got the energy. Lets call it Spirit, because it IS a part of me and I Am a Great Spirit. And I have got an infinite number of tiny balls of Spirit that I have called Matter, … because they do. What else do I need? I KNOW! I am not just another pretty face, I Will toss the matter around and form bigger balls. I Will attract some so that they may unite, Become One and everything Being equal, because that's IS only fair, I Will repulse others.

Hey All you other All That Is guys, this is fun. I Am Loving IT.

What have I got? Lets see, my, my, my, I have got a Trinity. There is me, just Loving this I Am, I Am, and I have got the Spirit to Matter. That Will make a difference. On to find that itch.

RIGHT, so this is the Bigger Picture. The Big Guy IS having nothing but fun. How does this apply to me. After all if I Am a God too, WHAT AM I TO DO? With it All?

Okay, I have got a Spirit, I think, and I have got this physical body (not bad lookin, I might say either). Hey guys, I would LOVE you to get together. I need more fun here, I need to BE a bigger part of the Bigger Picture.

"But Why", She says.

Now where did .. She .. come from, I thought there were only Guy Gods around here.
"Dear One", She says (me thinks I have got a problem Huston), "only opposites attract, so how do you think God attracts parts of Itself to other parts". I Knew That! Okay you can STICK around…….. Why? …..Because I want you too!

NOW I KNOW THAT I AM a guy God, where does She come in? Does that mean that when I become All that I can BE, a true guy God that I WILL attract her, a girl God, and maybe someday we would marry and have a baby God? Hey I could get to like this idea, She IS not bad lookin, for a Goddess. Hey, how do Goddesses and Gods make LOVE? NOW I bet you THAT IS fun. HEY wanna get lucky…….er I mean would you LOVE to make a family. You and me and baby makes three. God, there IS That Trinity again. Maybe it is below as it IS above. Okay, so I Love to get lucky, so Love makes the world go around. Does that mean God Is Love? Heard that somewhere before.

Doin' mighty fine here, but now you have to tie this in with the rest of the world.

Lets see, what is Love? Attraction, yes. Caring, compassion, sharing, I do all that. What about good ol Mother Earth and all the rest they call my relations.

"WELL", She says (there SHE IS again) "Does Mother Earth give of Herself to the blade of grass in order that it might grow? Does the blade of grass give of Itself to enable the grazing Deer to GROW? Does the Deer give of Itself to the Native Son in order that he might feed and clothe his children? Are not each One of these BEINGS a part of God giving of Itself to God?"

Okay, okay I get the point. But I Am not part of the food chain.

"But you are part of a Greater Chain" (that Goddess again, is she my conscience too?) "No, Dear One, just your better half". Gawd, I think That I Am in trouble.

Where were we, oh yah, this Love thing. Tell me more.

"You said that Love IS what attracts. But IT IS so much more. You said that Love makes the world go around. But IT IS so much more. LOVE IS the intelligent active force of God, HIS WILL. It is Love that creates, that binds the Universe together, in its infinite forms. Do you really think that you create? Is it not LOVE that creates through you? Are you not a vessel for your Spirit manifesting through your conscious waking world? Are you…"

WAIT A MINUTE!! Not me MAN, I Am just a wannabe trying to cope with all this shit and abuse.

"NOW you wait a moment, Beloved of my Heart, YOU ARE THEREFORE I AM"


Where did She go? WHO was THAT? GOD, was that you? WOW, it was the Big Guy, how did he KNOW I was here?


WOW, I guess there IS more to the bigger picture than I thought. Where is that Goddess, mighty fine lookin she was, she was? Live in the moment, they say. God IS LOVE they say. GOD IS ALL THAT IS. I guess then that LOVE is all there IS. WOW, LOVE IS! I knew that. I must keep on keeping on BEING WHO I AM. It is a good thing THAT

I Am Stephen
and Beloved I Am

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