Rejoice in the fragrance of a sweet smelling rose
for it is the nectar of love.

Rejoice in the tender touch of an infant's hand
for like the soft petal of the rose, it is the feeling of love.

Rejoice in an infant's cry for like a heart felt yearning,
it is an expression of desire that kindles
the threefold flame of your heart, awakening the child within.

Rejoice in a heart felt tear that flows from your eye
for it is the expression of your soul.

Take heart that love, given unconditionally,
returns as self love.

That one day you will feel the embrace of the universe,
in all it's radiant glory, as it allows you to experience
the riches and opulence of God's full presence.

Rejoice for in that moment you will know
that you are loved, that you are love.

In that moment you will know that
Love is All there is.

Portrait "Eternal Devotion" by Bette Myers

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