A Vision

A vision of life, a moment of love
A moment of light shinning from above
The radiance of life’s beautiful dream
How beautiful you are beloved of mine
How wondrous your gifts of love divine 
Inspiration to life with God’s pure light
The manifestation a joy to delight

Precious you are, Beloved of my Heart
The radiance you imbue is loves true art
The canvass of my life you bless
Thou impression deep
Impressed upon my soul to keep
You dear forever more

Praise you I do “My Lady” true
with my ever expanding love for you

For as the flame in my heart glows and grows
Expanding the presence of my Beloved Soul
My love for you expands as well
Someday the world to tell
Of a love so precious, a light so pure
Through life’s journey it will endure
Glorifying our being for eternity

From our eternal I Am a vision I see
A vision of the trinity
A triangle of three radiant stars ablaze at night
You and I and our source as One 
Magnificent we are under the Central Sun

As Oromasis and Diana
As Archangel Michael and Faith
As St. Germain and Portia 
Someday ascended we shall be
Serving through the love of Christ Consciousness
All Humanity

Until then, Dear One, journey well 
Unto thy Master Presence be always true

And remember I am always loving you
And my love grows and grows and grows
I honor and praise you more each day
Yet it is only one more way of saying thank you

In light, with light, love and truth
I Am
	Your Stephen

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