Child of the Universe

Long ago, as time relates,
A beautiful child was born of me
A child of the universe for all to see

A vision I see of
This perfect flame of light divine
A light that until now
I had realized as only mine

A perfect being in every way
The radiant glow from a heart so pure
Cosmic is the love,
I am sure

A threefold flame is this heart of joy
The center of gold, so bright
Tis indeed a glorious sight
On either side, a flame of pink and one of blue
A vision of grace, of love so true

It begins to pulse, to grow, to swirl
Pink and blue unite
A ring of violet is now this marvelous sight
The Violet flame of my Brother dear
My Brother that is so near

I feel honoured now as the Angels sing
And the center of your heart becomes pure, sparkling white
A spark of light that is
“The Living Christ”
This Blessed One expands its glow
To enfold this heart that is you

A golden strand of light divine
Connects me to this child of mine

For a moment in time our hearts unite
A brief glimpse of the One
Our Father,
The Central Sun 

Then you slowly move away
Into the void of experience

Clouds enfold me, my vision now dim
I know too that my journey is to begin
The clouds, the veil become intense
My memory seems to dwain
Will I ever again see this beautiful flame

Our journeys proceed, as so they must
Centuries go by
Many times we meet

At times we feel this beautiful bond of love
Not knowing why the stars
Twinkle more brightly above

In ancient Egypt you dance for me
In Ireland, our journeys anew
Now as my daughter, I am loving you

Many times, not yet to see the strand
The strand of gold,
Always there

Each time we meet the feeling grows
The love, the joy, for all to see
As so the pain, the strife,
The doubt, the fear, the mystery

The experience of life, ours to be
But not really knowing our destiny

Tis time again for our hearts to meet
Will journeys now be complete
This time I sense the strand,
I feel the bond

Revealed to me is the birth
Of this most beautiful child of the universe
Something is different this time true
For I know now that I see my birth too

Born of me, born of you
The light, the flame, it is not mine
It is ours

I realize in you the perfect compliment
Of love and light  divine
 Eternal Love that exists without time

Will our hearts reveal our destiny
It is there for you and I to see

Our hearts do shine with
Love, light and truth divine

Light from the heart helps the vision to clear
The path to tread is so near
One step it is or one leap of faith
It is our choice to make

The journey complete 
The goal is service, the end is love
But a love so beautiful, so profound
That is why I marvel at the sound of
I love you

Love is service, is joy, is honour, is grace
It is realizing the perfection in all that is
It is experiencing with you the innocence
And purity of passion

The passion of sharing
Our bodies, our emotions, our experience,
Our being, our love

Beloved Earth Mother is birthing
Beloved Humanity is birthing

The greatest service that we may offer
Is our sharing, our sharing of the
Divine We, the Divine I Am that is Us
For we are One

One with our Earth Mother
One with our Humanity
One with our Father
One with Cosmic Love

Sacred Union
You Are, therefore I Am
You are my life, my love, my being
You are, therefore I Am

Beloved of my Heart
I Am the compliment of your soul
I Am
Loving you

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