Come Dance With Me

Aho little friend beneath my feet
Your world so large and quite unique
Over mountains and valleys you labour long
With loads tremendous, you are so strong
Discipline and order suit you best
So that you might serve the rest
Come dance with me, my little friend
Let us honour our worlds and all within
Come dance with me

Aho gentle river before my eyes
The life you contain is no surprise
Your strength flows on forever more
To someday caress that far off shore
You touch my soul, you sustain my life
You wash away the slightest strife
We flow forever, let us celebrate life
Come dance with me

Aho tall friend, majestic one
Stretching to the sky, you embrace the sun
You spread your bows out far and wide
The task at hand, undertaken with pride
To support all life within your reach
And by example you try to teach
All life is one
You cleanse and enrich the air we breathe
Some day surely all shall perceive
That without you’re blessing, naught would be
Come dance with me tall friend of mine
Come dance with me, in the Light Divine

Aho precious one, my friend the deer
Come closer now, show no fear
I honour your presence, gentle and innocent
The child at your side is truly magnificent
Your eyes do gleam with love and compassion
The power of gentleness seen in action
To pass along to those we raise
Gentle love and nurturing ways
Perception and clarity of vision, to show the way
The lesson of the deer to own, I pray
Come dance with me, precious friend of mine
Let us celebrate Life Divine

Aho flicker friend, master drummer you are
Your beat is in tune with every star
And with the heartbeat of Mother Earth
You awaken the rhythm of all healing love
As it is below, it is above
The heartbeat that is in all to see
Is balance, joy and harmony
Come dance with me, friend of mine
Let us celebrate Love Divine

Aho my friend, crystal clear
Your history I would like to hear
Of ages past, when life began
To the current day and that of man
Is man the link to you my friend
And the heavens above, is that the trend
Will we succeed, the bridge is there
The path is known, but do we dare
Venture forth, the cross to bear
Show me my dreams, crystal friend
Come dance with me, to my journeys end

Aho my friend, fire bright
You bless this moment with delight
With de light and love the spirits dance
Around and around, as if in trance
Shimmering coals all aglow
Flames that laugh and caress the soul
All around me are dancing now
My spirit friends for all to see
They will dance with me for eternity
Come one, come all, share my quest
My journey is filled with happiness
Come dance with me and you shall see
How we will meet our destiny.

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