Do I Love You That Much

To share a moment with you is a joy
To look into your eyes and see the sparkle of love
Knowing that it is the reflection of your soul above
Is a joy
To touch your hand or caress your cheek
All it takes to make my day complete
A laugh, a smile
To make my journey worthwhile
This is so, because I love you so much

To realize that my heart is yours
That I would gladly devote my life to loving you

I see in you a perfect being
A child of the universe, so beautiful, so pure
The light of the goddess for all to see
Perfect balance and harmony

I see in you Love Divine
A spark of beauty that will last for all time
I seek our union to be complete
Knowing it to be sacred and perfect in every way

How I look forward to that day
The healing of my world, tis true
Because of my love for you.

Do I love you enough to realize that our spiritual growth
Is the most important facet of our relationship
Do I love you enough to face myself
To know my fears
To open my heart, to shed my tears
To allow you to be perfect, without me
To allow you to pursue your own destiny

Is my love honourable and true
Am I worthy enough to be loved by you
Could I exist and love you still
If you were to love another as I love you

Could I await the day, our turn to come
To be One in the glow of the Central Sun

Separation, abandonment, unworthiness
Foes all three.
Or by the Grace of God our union to be

Do I love you enough to face my foes
To know myself
To allow you to be the free spirit you are
To be my shinning star
Do I love you that much

Am I strong enough to trust
That you will always be there
That we have eternity to share
To allow the universe to unfold in a perfect way
Allowing us to be
To embrace our destiny
Do I love you that much

Do I love you enough
For all my world to be
As dear and precious as you are to me

This I know to be true
You are a perfect being, a blossoming flower
Coming into your own great power
You are beautiful and loving
You grace my life

You are the Beloved
You are the Heart of my Heart


I am your friend
I am the passion of life's perfect love
I am your companion
I am your spiritual mate
Choose one, choose all, it matters not, for

I am the Beloved
I am the Heart of your Heart
I Am


Yes Dear One

I Love you that much

Two Hearts of the same Flame

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