A Hospice Volunteer


I came to Hospice such a short time ago

With intent to serve and perhaps to grow

I feared not death, I had seen its face

But it seemed that everything was not quite in place


To make new friends, good people too

To offer something from the heart is true

And a common bond we seemed to share

All of us knew that foe despair


To offer understanding, love and grace

We first have to go into that special place

That special place within us all

The place from where we heard the call

The call to care, to love, to serve

I got far more than I did deserve

I learned to listen to those that grieve

But then I started to perceive

That my journey had just begun

And I was a long, long way from being one

One with myself


My grief was there, as I had learned to stuff

My body knew and said enough

I had to learn to shed a tear

To really value myself as dear

How really does one become

Free, complete or is it whole

My Lord, what a tremendous goal

I knew not how this could be done


So I have watched, my friends that care

And what I have learned is that they share

And of more importance,

They allow others to share

To share not just their grief, but their story

And therein lies the glory

For that makes them real

And it lets others know how they feel

The hurt, the pain, the joy, the love

Thereby the Hospice symbol of the Dove


And as I learned how to share,

My Hospice buddies all are there

With love, support and friendship true

The worlds best friends and Hospice too


So Theresa, Karen and Curtis too

To Mickey, Nacina and all of you

My special friends, I love you all


I indeed feel blessed to have received the call

The call to Hospice

The call to share


And as I learn, the way is clear

To share my story with one so dear

One day soon, when I am asked, how are you

I shall answer clear

I am well, because I am a

Hospice Volunteer.

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