Moment of Love

There comes a moment in every life
When it is time to set aside the strife
Put up the hammer, put down the bow
And let Spirit show us where to go

There is time in every life
To let love be our guide
Show no fear, face the foe, and do not hide
Hide from the journey before our eyes
For the foe is fear, fear of surprise

Fear that something soon may change
And knowing naught, it seems so strange
That life may be but a moment of joy
A moment of perfect harmony
Peace within, a moment of love

And is that not what love might be
A perfect state of harmony
But to know that moment, one must share
And that, Dear One, is why you are there
Your presence allows me to feel that state
To know the joy, the peace within

Spirit smiles and says to me
Now, my child, it is time for all to see
The love, the joy, the harmony

But first I must pay credits due
This would not be now if not for you
It is not that just that you are there
But that you allow me to share
My story, my thoughts, my joy
This moment of love

There comes a time in every life
When it is time for Spirit to delight
In a moment that is shared
In a moment of love.

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