My Lady of the Lake

Oh beautiful one of light so fair
You stir my heart, you quicken its beat
Your waters deep and dark crystal blue
Indigo is the majestic hue

I am the sword of my soul
To temper its steel is my goal
In the fires of life I dwell
And at times they are the fires of hell

Through flames of hope to ashes of despair
I harden and purify the metal of my being

Knowing that you are there
In the deep blue waters of my mind
The memories of a love divine
Keeps my heart beating

To cool the steel, to rest awhile
I dive into my crystal pool
And replenished in arms of loving thoughts
I return to the fires above

I know that it takes the hottest flames
To forge the finest steel
And with one vision in view
I enter the fire of life anew

That vision is of you, my lady
Rising from the sparkling waters
For all to see your glorious wonder
And to see me in your loving hand

Knowing that I am Excalibur
Precious One, you are the Lady of my lake
And you are so beautiful

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