Precious Lady Love is kind, love is cruel Love is always a wondrous tool Finely honed and very sharp Shaping delicately my aching heart For in my heart lies my future life The image of the lady to be my wife To be my lady, she must know The very aching of my soul For from my soul the light does shine To fuel the heart with Love Divine Pray do not, my darling, let me down I am the king, but you are my crown And without my crown, I cannot be The Light Divine for all to see I need your love to be complete It is in your hands, my fate to meet To be king or pawn To radiate the light that comes with the dawn The dawning of my life anew The dawning of a love so true To be king or pawn, I do not care As long as you are always there I know that being with you Is all in life I care to do I also know that with you near There shall never be anything to fear And with naught to fear, my life shall be To walk step by step With destiny

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