Spirits of Fire

I am Spirits of Fire
You may see me rise from a campfire bright
Or from the flame within your heart
I am your Spiritual Warrior
I am your heart's desire

I am Wolf
I am with you all year long
Although you may feel me strongest
When the moon is full and bright
I am the guardian of the spirit of freedom
I teach you wisdom and balance
That you are the governor of your life
I am your greatest teacher
I am yourself

I am Orca
I am with you all year long
I awaken your inner depths
Harmony is my goal
I am the chalice of universal mind
I am the history of your soul
I am the magnificence of your creativity
I am the power of song, the breath of life
That lifts your wings to the sun
I am the resurrection of eternal love

I am Bear
I am with you spring and summer
I awaken the power of the soul
With seven rays of Divine Light
I invite you into the cave of silence
Into your dream lodge each night
I remind you that as a cub we climbed the highest tree
The tree that links heaven and earth
I remind you to hug that tree from time to time
And that the sweetest taste of life is truth

I am Eagle
I am with you all year long
Daylight is my realm
I am the illumination of spirit
The wings of the soul blessing all from above
I am Grandmother medicine, wisdom and healing
As we soar to great heights
We know that we are of the earth, but not in it
We fly between the worlds
A spiraling dance of joy between
Mother Earth and Father Sky
And that with passion and joy we fly into the sun
To purify our soul
I am Thunderbird
Flashing the blue lightning of freedom's love

I am Spirits of Fire
I am the gentle touch of love
That whispers in your ear
I am Spirits of Fire
I am your hearts desire.

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