The Power of Love



It is said that love can move mountains

It is said that love can endure

Pain and strife and the tortures of life

It is said that love heals all


To me I would see the power of love

In a heart felt tear, shed in joy

In the caress of a babies tender grip

In the compassion for a fellow soul

And its journey upon Blessed Mother Earth


I see in the power of love

The revolution of the Spirit

The desire to care and to serve

In the revelation of the Soul

Through the bond of Eternal Love


I see the power of love to inspire

The arts in all their wondrous form

The inspiration to embrace

The Divine Presence in all that is


I see in the power of love

The desire to live life to the fullest

To glorify the art of Being


Beloved of my soul, I see in you

The power of love

And the expression of its heart felt song

In the sparkle of your eyes

In the touch of your loving hands

In your passion to be who you are

A precious gem, a child of the universe

A radiant, shinning star


I give thanks to our Eternal parent

For knowing who you were

When our paths so briefly touched


I believe in the Power of Love

I believe in who you are

I believe in who I am


Precious Lady,

You are the power of love.

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