These Words

These words arrive with love and joy
To wish that health and happiness
Bestow upon you a sweet caress
To touch your cheek
To stir your heart Allowing the love of the universe
To sparkle in those precious eyes
There is magic there
It is no surprise

May joy and love be your life
May Spirit bless you with delight
Come now dear one, a smile for me
To complete the picture, for all to see
The love, the joy, the harmony.

And to thank you, dear one
For indeed you have graced my life
Enriching it, you have touched my soul
You have won my heart
Inspiring me to use pen this night
To profess these words as being true
To express my love for you.

Our paths, I am sure, have crossed before
And as journeys go on for ever more
I am certain that they will again
Allowing me to say once more,
I love you dearly
My beautiful friend
And love endures,
It never ends.