When We Are One Again

Memories, Dear One,
of the time we shared.
The love, the joy, the strife, the pain.
My journey now is not the same.
But I remember the love,
the moments of joy.
And as I walk along this shore
I know that these memories
are mine forever more.
An ocean of beauty, an ocean of love
As it is below, so it is above.
The sun is setting on my beautiful bay
The sky is blue, with puffs of white
And streaks of gray.
The islands twinkle through the
horizons mist.
The path to the sun on the water bright
As if to say, come to me now
All is right
To walk on that water to
my island's dream
To that place of joy, divine, serene.
To the arms of love
that shall hold me safe.
Freedom, completion,
a return to the state
To the state of One.
When we are one again.
Memories, Dear One,
of the love we shared.


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