The most important relationship in this life
is the one with our self.
Higher self, I Am Presence, Spirit, Soul?

When I address my god, it is often as "Father",
because he is indeed the parent of my being.
He is the source of life that beats my heart.
He is the link to the universe, to the All That Is,
to the Divine and Eternal Parent.

As I become more aware of my soul, the "Christ within",
I appreciate more that life is relationship.
Whether it be to our blessed Mother Earth,

Come Dance With Me

to a job, or to a brother (for we are all brothers),
how we relate determines our worth.

A smile, a loving touch, a kind word or a heart felt tear is all
that it takes to make my day worth while.

To understand, to care and to allow are all aspects of
unconditional love, unconditional acceptance.

Father, by thy grace and through thy will
I Am Who I Am.
Make me more of thy manifestation this day.
Make me an instrument of thy peace,
an instrument of thy light
an instrument of thy love.

I give eternal thanks to the Lord of Creation
for the blessing of this life.

The distance of a man's soul is the measure of his worth.

In light, with light, love and truth

I Am
Your Stephen

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