A Brief History of My Journey

In 1995 I decided to withdraw from the rat race and do what I really wanted to, travel and write. So I gave most of my earthly possessions away and hit the road. About a year later I moved into “Angel”, a 1977 GMC camper van.

On the road I have had many wonderful experiences; 1st nation medicine wheels and sweat lodges, mountain tops and flower filled alpine meadows. I have crossed paths with many beautiful souls.

In 1997 I met two very beautiful ladies. Natalie, whom I fell in love with instantly and Anne Hughes who was to become one of the greatest influences of my journey. Anne embodies the message of St Francis.

During a meeting with Anne I asked what were the possibilities of journeying with Natalie. She said that if my soul compliment chose to manifest at this time, we would. If not I must go on.


Portions of Spirit Quest were written before that fateful meeting, but most relate to my journey from that moment.


Natalie and I were not destined to journey together at this time. She is also on a very beautiful journey of self discovery and empowerment. But I do believe in my heart of hearts, that one day we will serve our God and humanity together as the Alpha and Omega or our Being. Until then I can only honour her journey, trusting in the Will of Heaven and on my journey strive to be the best I can be. Becoming aware of the “Twin Flame” of my Being though, did indeed change my life.

Father, thy will be done
I Am your Stephen


There is no more room for doubt and fear
There is only room for light and love.
Beloved Anne, you are so beautiful. And you are my mirror.
Beloved Natalie, you are so beautiful and I am your love.

As journeys go, mine has been blessed with both pain and happiness.
Two lessons I think of now.
One is to trust and wait upon the Will of Heaven.
The other is that only love can set you free.

And Help from the Heart of Love is always there.

Dark Night of the Soul

I give thanks to all my beautiful friends and family dear.
Their love and support always near.
I give thanks to my Beloved Anne and Brother Francis.
Their blessing being the true Light of Unconditional Love.

I give thanks to my Beloved Twin Flame,
without whose presence in my life at this time,
would have made my journey to understanding
unconditional love much, much longer.

And I give thanks to my Father,
the Beloved Spirit that I Am,
in whose presence I Am That I Am.

And yes, dear friends, Beloved of my Heart,
the journey continues.

In light, with light, love and truth
I Am Stephen

Beloved Spirit that I Am
Thou life that beats my heart
I call thee forth now to consume, dissolve and purify
All my accumulated creations
The cause, the core, the record and effect of them
Past, present, and future, known and unknown
In the Beloved Silver Violet Flame and Blue Lightning.

Beloved I Am

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